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‘Cast Henry Cavill as Sentry in Thunderbolts’: Marvel Fans Come to Henry Cavill’s Aid after Superman Star Was Humiliated by James Gunn, Kicked out of DCU

'Cast Henry Cavill as Sentry in Thunderbolts': Marvel Fans Come to Henry Cavill's Aid after Superman Star Was Humiliated by James Gunn, Kicked out of DCU

Henry Cavill fans were excited about his return as Superman in the DCU. However, all expectations came to an end as the Man of Steel star revealed that he would not be playing the character anymore. However, Cavill still encouraged fans, saying that Superman is still around and everything he stands for still exists. James Gunn, the new CEO of the DC Studios, has also revealed that the studio will focus on the earlier life of Superman and will recast the character.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

While James Gunn moves forward with a Superman reboot, Marvel fans have started discussing if the Mission Impossible star will join the MCU now. It would not be the first time Marvel fans have expressed their wish to see Cavill in the MCU. However, with his official exit from the DCU, fans are hopeful that he will finally join the MCU.

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Would Henry Cavill Finally Join the MCU?

With Henry Cavill’s departure from the DCU, Marvel fans are hopeful that he will join the MCU in the future. The Enola Holmes star was earlier rumored to appear in the second season of Loki as Hyperion. The Eternal is also considered Marvel’s version of Superman.

Not just Hyperion, Cavill has also been fancast as Captain Britain, Doctore Doom, Cyclops, and many other characters. As the Immortals star officially leaves the DCU, fans have once again started fan-casting him in the MCU role.

Fans want Henry Cavill to portray Sentry in the MCU
Fans want Henry Cavill to portray Sentry in the MCU

Marvel Studios is planning to introduce multiple new characters in its upcoming phases, and fans now want to see him as Sentry in the 2024 film Thunderbolts. The character has been in rumors to make his MCU debut with Thunderbolts and join the film as the main villain.

Although the studio has not confirmed anything officially, fans expect to see Sentry as the main villain. The industry insider Daniel Richtman revealed that the studio has plans to introduce the character in the upcoming film. If Sentry joins the film as the main villain, it would be interesting to see how Thunderbolts would go against him.

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Marvel Fans Want Henry Cavill to Join the MCU as Sentry

After sharing that Marvel Studios might be planning to introduce Sentry with the upcoming Thunderbolts, Daniel Richtman shared that the studio should cast Henry Cavill in the character. Fans are also willing to see the Argylle star as Sentry in Thunderbolts. However, there are also people who are suggesting that Cavill would be better to portray Mr. Sinister in the MCU.

While some are excited to see Henry Cavill as Sentry, others shared that he would look good as other Marvel characters, such as Captain Britain, Hyperion, or a variant of Wolverine. Some fans even suggested that the actor should be given more opportunities, rather than just providing Superman-like characters.

Sentry is almost similar to DC’s Superman. However, his origin and powers are very different from the DC superhero. The character has two sides, one side being good and the other being bad. The good side is called Sentry and the bad is known as the Void.

Marvel's Sentry
Marvel’s Sentry

Some people also claimed that Cavill would not star in any superhero films onwards, leading fans to suggest that he should take on the James Bond role in the future. The Witcher star already has a number of upcoming projects under him. Fans still have high hopes that if the studio approached The Tudors star he could join the MCU.

Thunderbolts is set to release on 26 July 2024.

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