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Chris Hemsworth: 20 Times He Proved To Be The Funniest Avenger

Chris Hemsworth is best known for portraying Thor, the God of Thunder. This comes after essaying the role in 3 individually helmed movies and other ensemble movies. He is also among the coolest superheroes of the 21st century and rightly so. From cool capes, to flying around in seconds, to his hammer yielding powers, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is a distinct figurine in the superhero world. What also sets Hemsworth apart is the fact that every now and then, he will find himself in situations worthy of sarcastic comments and funny instances. He is seen goofing around with his co-stars and this is evident on his social media handles. His social media handles are proof that he is one of the funniest Avengers on and off screen. Here are his best moments, documented for a quick laugh. 

1. The revered actor and director duo!

Chris Hemsworth being funny!

2. Chris Hemsworth being a parent (to Chris Evans)

3. Hemsworth being pissed is all of us, right (including the raspberry)?

4. Chris Hemsworth at home, might just be a cure to all our Monday Blues.

5. The battle of the best Chris has been going on for way too long. Looks like Chris HEMSWORTH might just have found a solution. 

Chris Hemsworth being funny!

6. Chris Hemsworth being, well, Chris Hemsworth!

7. This is probably one of those moments that deserve both, an “Awwww” and a “LOL”

8. We all need one thing to flaunt, right? Chris Hemsworth sure found his!

9. Hemsworth sure knows how to pose.

10. A superhero in reel and real. He is the man of everyone’s dreams, isn’t he?

11. Hemsworth had already yielded Cap’s shield. Long before Cap yielded the Mjolnir

12. Oh boy, how can you ever be over comments like that?

13. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? Answer: Chris Hemsworth

14. A movie set without cameras, we didn’t even know it was possible.

Chris Hemsworth being funny!

15. Excessive rains in your city, you know who to blame.

Chris Hemsworth being funny!

16. A little rivalry never hurt anybody. (Liam and Chris remind you of your siblings, don’t they?)

Chris Hemsworth being funny!

17. Another proof that Chris and his family are just like us. 

Chris Hemsworth being funny!

18. More behind the scenes stories please Chris. We NEED them

Chris Hemsworth being funny!

19. We are with you Chris, we missed you in Civil War. 

Chris Hemsworth being funny!

20. A little brotherly dig, ain’t that right?

Chris Hemsworth being funny!

Written by FandomWire Staff