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Dangerous Flaws In Marvel Comics Multiverse The MCU Multiverse Must Avoid At Any Cost

Marvel Comics Multiverse is a fascinating and truly harrowing place. It is so confusing at times fans are still scratching their heads to get a grasp. Here are a few Marvel Comics Multiverse flaws the MCU multiverse must actively avoid.

The Spider-Verse & The Multi-Verse Are Not The Same


Believe it or not, Marvel has two multiverses. There’s the main-stream Marvel Comics’ Multiverse with its infinite realities and worlds. Then there’s the Spider-Verse, a Spider-Man centric series of realities as seen by Madame Web. The Spider-Verse is obviously different from Marvel Comics’ Multiverse. There are a different set of laws that govern each multiverse. But there are worlds that overlap both multiverses. The Ultimate Universe for example falls on both multiverses’ territory. It is frankly quite confusing at times and the MCU Multiverse must ensure the fans get the hang of it.

And Then There’s The Omni-Verse


If you think the Multi-Verse is confusing, remember Marvel has so many iterations of it already. It gets even more confusing with the Omni-Verse. The Omni-Verse is bigger than the Marvel Comics multiverse. And that is because it features characters and universes from different publications like DC Comics. Famous characters that marvel does not own but has crossed over with fall into the Omni-Verse category. The Omni-Verse is also home to all the different cinematic universe franchises. Somewhere both the MCU and the DCEU drift together in the Omni-Verse.

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In Marvel Comics Multiverse, Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Doctor Doom

There’s a major flaw with the Marvel Multiverse that was carried forward to the MCU multiverse. Some characters look the same while some are inexplicably different. For example, there are multiple iterations of Thanos and Doctor Doom throughout the Marvel Comics’ Multiverse that look and sound identical. But in the same realities, the Spider-Men are totally different from each other. Similarly,  the MCU gave us the evil Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness. Why does he look the same as the OG MCU Doctor Strange. Why isn’t a different person donning the cape like the Three Spider-Men in No Way Home?

Some Universes In Marvel Comics Multiverse Are More Important Than The Others

Ultimate Universe

There exists a hierarchy that decides the importance of a reality and timeline in the Marvel Comics Multiverse. The Earth-616 reality forms the basis of all mainstream stories in Marvel Comics. So this universe forms a vital part of comic book continuity. The Ultimate universe also takes major precedence over the others. But who decides which universe get to have its cake and eat it too? Who decides what all universes within Marvel Comics Multiverse are not worthy enough? Clearly there’s a social order to the universes within the multiverse. If the MCU multiverse does not make it crystal clear, things would only spiral down into the realm of multi-versal confusion.

Nobody Truly Knows Where It Exists & What Its Limitations Are

Where does It Begin? And Where Does It End?

The Marvel Multiverse has a very fickle definition. Nobody actually knows what it is. Many claim it to be a loose connection of infinite universe drifting in an endless cosmic sea. But there are dimensions that exist outside the multiverse. The One Above All lives in a dimension outside the multiverse, overseeing its existence. The Phoenix Force traverses the multiverse. So do you mean to say the Multiverse is just a small part of a larger Omni-Verse? Or are there multiple Omni-Verses now?

Who Has Control?

The Living Tribunal

In Marvel Comics Multiverse, the entity that has absolute control over the Multiverse is the Living Tribunal. His word takes precedence in multi-versal matters. The other entities like Eternity and Infinity come after him. But the MCU has already introduced ancient Gods, the Celestials, the TVA and the Time-Keepers. The Living Tribunal certainly does not hold the baton there. So who exactly does?

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

With a Bachelor's in Engineering and a Master's in Marketing and Operations, Bibhu found a love for writing, working for many different websites. He joined FandomWire in July 2020 and worked his way to his current position of Content Strategist. Bibhu has been involved in operating and managing FandomWire's team of writers, diversifying into varied, exotic fields of pop culture.