Deadpool 3 Trailer: Moon Knight and Loki Season 2 Reference That You May Have Missed Ryan Reynolds’ Fight Sequence

Just like fans expected, Deadpool 3 isn't backing down from referencing MCU events.

Deadpool 3 Trailer: Moon Knight and Loki Season 2 Reference That You May Have Missed Ryan Reynolds' Fight Sequence


  • The teaser released for Deadpool 3 confirms the film is more closely connected with the MCU than one might've expected.
  • And the teaser doesn't shy away from acknowledging past MCU events, as one can briefly spot references from Loki and Moon Knight.
  • But despite the grand scale, Shawn Levy assured the core will not be different from the last two films.
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Deadpool is gearing up to absolve all of Marvel’s sins in the past few years, with the much-anticipated teaser for the Ryan Reynolds-led threequel finally being released at the Super Bowl. The teaser doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the MCU and getting super meta and has given fans a lot to work with until the movie eventually drops in July.


And it’s evident from the teaser that Deadpool 3 is more closely connected to the MCU than one might’ve assumed, as in the 146-second bit, it references two of the most beloved MCU shows.

Screengrab from Deadpool 3 trailer
Ryan Reynolds | Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 Briefly References the Events of Loki and Moon Knight

As the set images teased, the TVA is indeed appearing to play a major part in Wade Wilson’s journey, and following the absence of known faces from Loki, it’s likely the film is taking place Post Loki 2. And aside from Deadpool breaking the fourth wall and deeming himself the Marvel Jesus, for a brief part, Wilson can be seen facing off a purple monster, which appears to be Alioth from Loki. For the unversed, Alioth is an entity that was created by He Who Remains to permanently erase anything from existence, which appeared in the void in the last two episodes of Loki Season 1.

Alioth | MCU
Alioth | MCU

But this isn’t the only direct MCU reference that the teaser delves into, as fans can also note the existence of a Cupcake Van, most probably the one used in Moon Knight. The Subwagen Lieferung cupcake delivery van, which Oscar Isaac’s character steals in the first episode of Moon Knight, was also noticed in the leak set images from the Ryan Reynolds-led threequel. While it can’t be said if the movie will further delve deep into their existence or are just presented as mere references, fans are optimistic that Deadpool will become the MCU’s savior after the recent rough years.

Moon Knight
Moon Knight

Shawn Levy Assured the Ryan Reynolds-Led Threequel Will Be Loyal to the First Two Films

While the stakes are exponentially higher than what came before, director Shawn Levy assured fans that the threequel will remain true to the DNA of the first two films. The director previously stressed that Kevin Feige and Co. were completely on board with the super audacious, r-rated tone for the Ryan Reynolds-led film, which is untouched territory for MCU. He told Wired:

“Not only have Kevin Feige and Marvel and Disney supported this extremely Deadpool-ian. Some of the jokes are dirty, some of them are cultural observations, but that’s what we love about Deadpool, that he knows he’s in a movie, even though the stakes are real. Our movie is very loyal to that DNA too, with tremendous Marvel and Disney support, in making fun of and being self-aware about everything, including themselves.”

Ryan Reynolds | Deadpool Teaser Trailer
Ryan Reynolds | Deadpool 3

It’s safe to say the seeming Moon Knight and Loki reference is just the tip of the iceberg, as fans can expect the Ryan Reynolds-led movie to leave them in complete awe upon its release.


Deadpool & Wolverine will hit theatres on 26 July 2024.


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