“Did Deadpool kill him?”: Ryan Reynolds’ Golden Guns in Deadpool 3 Trailer Can Have a Disturbing Backstory

If this turns out to be true, it could be a brutally disturbing backstory for one of the Easter eggs in 'Deadpool 3' trailer.

"Did Deadpool kill him?": Ryan Reynolds' Golden Guns in Deadpool 3 Trailer Can Have a Disturbing Backstory


  • The latest Deadpool 3 trailer features a scene with Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson carrying golden guns.
  • Fans have linked these golden guns to a variant of Deadpool seen in set leaks, leading to theories about how Wade acquired them.
  • That said, he could have either gained access to them through violence (i.e., by killing his other variant), or by inheriting them from his other variant.
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Deadpool & Wolverine once again has the internet in a choke hold with its latest trailer that screams even more peak entertainment than the first two. Not only did this promotion give a heavy insight into the relationship that Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson and Hugh Jackman’s Logan will be sharing in the movie, but it also dropped some Easter eggs that have fans wondering what they could truly mean.

Deadpool 3 dropped trailer
Deadpool 3.

With the Easter eggs being mentioned, there is one rather peculiar scene in the trailer that fans just can’t figure out the reason behind: Wade carrying golden guns while walking out in full style into the seeming battlefield with Wolverine. And since fans already know who these guns belong to, thanks to all the set leaks from the film, they also fear this scene could have a disturbing backstory.

Ryan Reynolds’ Golden Guns Mystery in Deadpool 3

Marvel Studios are obviously doing everything in their power to pique fans’ interest in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine, considering how this could singlehandedly pull the Marvel Cinematic Universe out of the ditch that the recent flops from the franchise have landed it in. This is why they are also leaving all the mysterious Easter eggs in the movie’s trailers.

Ryan Reynolds's Wade carrying the guns in the trailer.
Ryan Reynolds’s Wade carrying the guns in the trailer.

One of these mysterious Easter eggs is hidden in the scene in the trailer when Ryan Reynolds‘ red-clad anti-hero walks out onto the street with Logan by his side. As can be seen, the Marvel Jesus is carrying golden guns in his hands in this scene. And yes, for the record, they are ostensibly the same guns that previously a different variant of Wade was seen holding.

A little bit of backstory here for those who may have missed out: A little over three months ago, Daily Mail shared some behind-the-scenes images from the sets of this very movie. Those images saw Reynolds clad in a new and brighter shiny red suit, with his hair in a top knot and the normal scars on Wilson’s face missing from his face.

Wade's other variant. | Credit: Daily Mail.
Wade’s other variant. | Credit: Daily Mail.

Needless to say, this was ostensibly a variant of the antihero. But that isn’t all, because here’s the most interesting part: This seeming variant of Deadpool was also seen with a pair of golden guns, and to drop the bomb down to you, yes, these were the very guns that Reynolds’ protagonist was seen sporting in the recently released trailer.


Now, this has inevitably launched the internet in a flurry, with many trying to figure out just how this original version of Wade Wilson could have acquired those guns. And as disheartening as it may be to acknowledge this, there are only two ways he could have done it: By adding one more to his killing streak or by simply having his variant hand those down to him.

This Deadpool 3 Easter Egg Could Have a Disturbing Backstory

This golden guns mystery could have a disturbing backstory.
This Golden Guns mystery could have a disturbing backstory.

As mentioned above, there could only be 2 possible reasons behind this version of Reynolds carrying those gold guns around with Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine. (And, for the record, no, it couldn’t be that this person who walks into this scene with Logan is the variant, because the variant’s suit is clearly different and brighter in color, in case you’re wondering.)

So we have two possible backstories. The first one is that this old version of Deadpool, whom fans already know to the core, killed the other version with no facial scars and acquired these guns that way. As disturbing as it may seem, this is also what fans are speculating as being closer to the real backstory on X:



But there is also a chance that things could have turned out differently between those two variants, and instead of adding more blood on their hands, this newer variant could have simply handed down those swords to the one with the facial scars. Just like how @Loki_Sylvie_85 offered a possible less-bloody explanation on X:


Of course, the real backstory behind this mystery is yet to be unveiled and will quite literally come to fans with the complete explanation when the film finally hits the theatres. Until then, we can only hope that this second and less-popular assumed backstory is the real one, for this could give a greater chance to explore both variants of the anti-hero.

Deadpool & Wolverine is set for a release date of the 26th of July, 2024.


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