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Disney’s Atlantis Director Reveals Planned Sequel Details

There is a piece of exciting news for Disney lovers.

The director of Disney’s Atlantis is probably in the process of planning a sequel.

Recently, a lot of details direct and point out to an upcoming sequel.  The current pandemic situation brought to halt a lot of big projects by Disney.

Some of the projects by Disney include Pinocchio and Hercules.

Disney Atlantis Sequel In Progress

The Disney Atlantis sequel
A still from The Atlantis

The Atlantis sequel seems to be in full swing.

The new sequel might see the addition of a brand new villain.

The villain would bring a whole new definition and will be regarded to be the scariest one wearing a frightening gasmask.

The Main Role

A look at Helga

The job of the villain will include completing the unfinished task by Rourke. The original series of Atlantis saw the light in the ’90s.

However, the movie did not create a mark at the cinemas.

The film is available to watch on Disney+. The new villain is likely to be Helga Sinclair.

The Most Popular Series

A glimpse at Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Helga has undergone a lot of changes up till now. Currently, Helga seems to have become the cyborg. Atlantis: The Lost Empire appears to be the most popular series of Atlantis.

Kirk Wise is the director for the sequel. 

The sequel will be entirely based on the new villain, and that will be the highlight of the new sequel. The release of the sequel only will decide how it fares at the cinemas. 

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