Disney Princesses: Ranked By Their Tragic Past

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The lives of Disney princesses are not all about pretty dresses and glamorous balls. They are usually faced with cruelty and contempt especially in their childhood years. It is one of the main ingredients in every fairytale story – the protagonist’s hardships will lead her to claim her rightful place or meet her Prince Charming.


Not all Disney princesses suffer the worst fate but all of them clearly had troubled and traumatic pasts. Some have experienced abuse and violence, while others were locked up in their own houses. Either way, we can all agree that being a Disney princess is not easy-peasy.


Anna Frozen disney princesses


Princess Anna of Arendelle certainly had a life of wealth and comfort. She is sheltered and has loving parents who provide for her and her sister, Elsa. But despite all these luxuries in life, she is miserable.

She grew up alone and has no one to play with because they forbid her to come near her sister. Anna yearns for love and affection, as evidently observed when she agreed to marry a prince she just met. It must have been so lonely to go day by day with no one to spend it with.


Jasmine Aladdin disney princesses


Like Anna, Jasmine’s life is still pretty much comfortable. She’s royalty by birth and she can have whatever she wants except freedom. Indeed, Princess Jasmine feels like a prisoner in her own home.

She is never allowed to go out and explore the world. No one listens to her opinions and they only regard her as someone better “seen and not heard”. She is also forced to marry a guy she does not love. What is more tragic than being controlled your entire life?


Rapunzel Tangled disney princesses


Growing up locked in a tower and unable to connect with the outside world can make a person go crazy. Rapunzel must have felt so suffocated under the manipulative rule of Mother Gothel.

The latter always makes her feel bad for wanting to go outside and then proceeds to “gaslight” her when she starts to reason out. Rapunzel’s everyday life is so repetitive and her only friend is Pascal the Frog.


Cinderella disney princesses


Perhaps one of the most tragic upbringings is that of Cinderella. Her entire childhood up to adulthood is pure misery and abuse. She is constantly mocked by her evil stepmother and stepsisters. They made her a servant in her own house and even took all of her belongings.

This unfair treatment of Cinderella is what makes her even more deserving of a happily ever after. She keeps her heart pure and good despite all the hate she gets.

Snow White

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves-1


It’s fun when you meet seven dwarves that eventually become your friends but being brought up by the Evil Queen? Disaster. All the more when she’s jealous of your beauty.

What is more unfortunate than Snow White eating an apple and getting poisoned? To get locked up in a tower is misery, but dying in your youth and waiting for a Prince to kiss you is another level of doom.


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