Doctor Strange 2: Patrick Stewart May Be Playing Agamotto, The First Sorcerer Supreme

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In Multiverse of Madness, many new and familiar faces are about to make a splash in the MCU. Wanda Maximoff and Karl Mordo are back. Doctor Strange will encounter America Chavez as well as many Doctor Strange variants. But the one actor we are all excited to see after the Super Bowl trailer reveal is Patrick Stewart. In Doctor Strange 2 Patrick Stewart will play a super important character because the trailer took extreme measures to keep the reveal secret up until the very end. People are claiming based on popular opinion that in Doctor Strange 2 Patrick Stewart is playing Professor X. But a new theory suggests that Sir Stewart’s role in the movie may not be playing the mutant mentor. Instead he may be playing Agamotto, the first ever Sorcerer Supreme.

Doctor Strange 2

This may sound bizarre at first but give us a chance to explain. The more you read, the more it makes sense.

Doctor Strange 2: Patrick Stewart Playing Professor X Makes Zero Sense Vis-a-Vis The Plot

Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl Trailer

In Multiverse of Madness, the story the fans know so far is that Strange shattered the fabric of reality and broke open the casket of the multiverse. The former Sorcerer Supreme did some pretty questionable things during the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home. A mysterious council and its Ultron bot soldiers have captured Strange and are about to punish him for his crime against the multiverse. With us so far?

The Illuminati Council


Now let that Marvel fanatic in you who wants to just wants to believe the X-Men are coming, sleep. And look at this in a subjective manner. What would a telepath doing presiding over the high table of a council that overlooks the Multiverse? Professor X is strong but his powers and his role in Marvel Comics nowhere near make him authoritative enough to prosecute criminals of the Multiverse. At most, he is the guardian angel of the X-men and that is the role that suits him best.

So Where Does The Agamotto Angle Come In

This Theory Shakes Things Up

In Marvel Comics, Agamotto was the first true sorcerer supreme of Earth. He was also the founding member of the first ever Earth based superhero team – The Avengers of 1 Million BC. He has fought Dormammu and the Fallen – a rogue Celestial, saving the world a countless number of times. Agamotto then transcended the mortal plane and became an entity of pure magic, leaving the role of the Sorcerer Supreme to his human successor. In effect, he became a principality, a higher being invoked by lesser magicians for power.

The First Sorcerer Supreme

Agamotto, in the MCU, could have been a human sorcerer who unlocked levels of magic never before seen in the history of the Multiverse. His ancient magical prowess and his eternal knowledge of the multiverse would make him the perfect candidate to preside over the secret council that overlooks all matter pertaining to the Multiverse.

Doctor Strange 2 Patrick Stewart

Magic broke the multiverse, thanks to Doctor Strange. In Doctor Strange 2 Patrick Stewart playing a sorcerer whose authority over magic far exceeds anything that of Doctor Strange makes sense. Professor X would not be the best candidate for the role. But if Patrick Stewart is playing Agamotto, then it changes things. And it is not like MCU has not tried to pull stunts like these in the past. We all remember the Quicksilver-Ralph Bohner fiasco in WandaVision.

Agamotto Is Punishing Strange For Unleashing Chthon Into The Multiverse

Chthon Is Coming?

There could be many different reasons. Our best guess is that something that Strange did broke open the multiverse to threats that could end the cradle of the cosmos. The fact that Wanda and the Darkhold are involved hint that this ‘multiversal’ threat could be Chthon, an Elder God who basically invented dark magic. In Marvel Comics, he resides in another dimension called the Flickering Realm. Maybe what Strange did opened up the Multiverse to the Flickering Realm, making it vulnerable to the wrath of Chthon, a being Patrick Stewart’s Agamotto had kept at bay till Strange really screwed things up in No Way Home.



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