Doctor Strange 3: Every Potential Member Who Could Become The New Illuminati of Earth-838

Doctor Strange 2 Writer has already hinted that the Illuminati may return to the MCU in the near future. Now that almost the entire original Illuminati council is dead, it is time for their successors to take up the role. Will Earth-838 see a new generation of Marvel superheroes become the new Illuminati of the MCU? Let’s find out if your favorite heroes made it to the list.

Beast Joins The Illuminati After Professor X

Beast - X-Men The Last Stand
Beast – X-Men: The Last Stand

In the comic books, Hank McCoy has actually become a member of the Illuminati. Marvel Comics reveals an arc where Black Panther calls upon the Illuminati to deal with an incursion. Many former members answer the call, including the mutant scientist Hank McCoy, better known as Beast. Hank was filling in for Professor X at the time, who was killed in action during the events of a battle between the X-Men and the Avengers.

Beast of the X-Men - Illuminati
Beast joins the Illuminati

But don’t think that Beast is a lesser powerhouse compared to his predecessor, professor X. Hank is one of the foremost minds on the X-Gene and human evolution. Beast is one of the smartest scientists in the universe, specializing in various scientific fields. His mutant ability makes him an incredible close combat fighter.

Balder The Brave Would Represent Asgard

Balder the Brave
Balder the Brave

There are numerous reports that suggested Balder the Brave was supposed to occupy the seventh seat in Earth-838’s Illuminati council. And it was supposed to be Daniel Craig who played that role. But rumors claim Craig backed out at the last second due to rising COVID cases in the UK. As a result, the seventh seat in the Illuminati scene remained empty.

Fandomwire Video
daniel craig
Daniel Craig – Doctor Strange 2

Marvel Studios could easily make it look like Balder was just away during the time Wanda stormed the Illuminati Citadel and killed them all. In the comic books, Balder is the brother of Thor and is blessed with superhuman and magical attributes. He is a proficient fighter trained for centuries in the art of combat.

Medusa Takes Over For Black Bolt In The Illuminati

Medusa - Inhumans
Medusa – Inhumans

The Illuminati scene revealed Blackagar Boltagon aka Black Bolt as a member of the group. he was called the ‘Keeper of the Terrigen Mists” – the substance that gives inhumans powers using a process called Terrigenesis. Now that Black Bolt is dead, Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon aka Medusa – Black Bolt’s wife, will fill in for him.

Medusa - Marvel Comics Illuminati
Medusa – Marvel Comics

In the comic books, Medusa has been a part of the group after a council of the Illuminati was called upon. Black Bolt was dead at the time so his wife went in his stead. Medusa has helped the Illuminati defeat the Hood in the Marvel comic book universe. The Hood was trying to reform the Infinity Gauntlet to regain his powers. Medusa was instrumental in putting a stop to his plans.

Master Mordo Is The Sole Survivor From The Previous Group


Master Karl Mordo is the sixth member of the Illuminati. As the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, Mordo lent his magical expertise to the group. His arcane knowhow helped the Illuminati to create items like the handcuffs powered by the power dampening Sands of Nisanti. Karl Mordo is the only member of the Illuminati to survive the wrath of the Scarlet Witch.

Now that he knows that Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff of Earth-616 are the reason why his pals are dead, will he ask the new Illuminati council to jump universes and go after Earth-616 to avenge their fallen?

Superior Iron Man Needs To Make The Cut

rumored cameos in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of madness
Tom Cruise as Superior Iron Man

A major fan casting that was missing from the Illuminati in Doctor Strange 2 was Tom Cruise as Superior Iron Man. The official report is that there were never plans for Tom Cruise to make an Iron man cameo in Multiverse of Madness. But that is something that could easily be changed in the near future.

Superior Iron Man – Marvel Comics

Tom Cruise as Superior Iron Man could be away on a different mission when Wanda killed the Illuminati. Both Balder and Superior Iron Man didn’t make it in time to aid their friends in battle. And since Reed Richards is no longer alive. the tag of the smartest man alive would fall on Earth-838 Tony Stark’s shoulders.

Namor Was A Founding Illuminati Member In The Comics

Namor – Doctor Strange 2

In an interview with Variety, Doctor Strange 2 writer Michael Waldron explains that they were actually planning to have Namor the Sub-Mariner as an Illuminati member. But they backed out at the last minute because Marvel studios had plans for him already.

“[We] talked about him, because he’s certainly an original member of the Illuminati. But I think Marvel has other plans for him in the MCU. And so he didn’t make his way in this particular movie.”

Namor has been a crucial member of the Illuminati in the comics. He could represent Atlantis of Earth-838 in the council.

Black Panther Deserves A Spot

T'Challa - Marvel Comics Illuminati
T’Challa – Marvel Comics

Black Panther is also one of the most well-known member sof the Illuminati, like Iron Man. But unfortunately he too was not included in the roster. T’Challa has helped the Illuminati on numerous occasions in the comic books. The King of Wakanda rules the planet’s Vibranium supply.

Who Will Be The Black Panther of Earth-838 - Illuminati
Who Will Be The Black Panther of Earth-838

While Chadwick Boseman will no longer be taking up the role. We could see Letitia Wright or Michael B. Jordan wearing the Black Panther suit as the latest member of the Illuminati of Earth-838.

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