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Dragon Ball: Unique Abilities Piccolo Has But Goku Doesn’t

Piccolo of Dragon Ball may be one of the most underrated Z Warriors. Here are some Piccolo abilities Goku wishes he had.

Hellzone Grenade

Hellzone Grenade

This fake out scattershot ability could be devastating if used properly. Piccolo launches several balls of energy into the air and keeps them suspended in the atmosphere. He makes the opponent think that he missed his enemy totally. This catches his foes off-guard as Piccolo drops down the energy balls he was keeping floating in mid-air. The rain of hellfire can easily dispatch a stronger foe because it hinges on the enemy not seeing it coming. Piccolo has used this attack numerous times, first seen using it on Android 17. He then used the Hellzone Grenade again during the Tournament of Power. Rubalt of Universe 10 never saw what hit him.



An old ability Piccolo first mastered while being chased around by a dog, this ability has become very useful ever since. He uses the ability so much Piccolo even taught the skill to his protégé Gohan. The ability works after Piccolo cuffs his hands and places them on his forehead. Then he concentrates a massive burst of energy which he releases through his fingers a split second later, leading to a devastating final charge. Masenko has been used against Frieza, Cell, and numerous other foes. Apart from Piccolo and Gohan, Trunks and Pan also know the technique by heart.

Instant Regeneration


Namekians, because of their unique biological structures, have several incredibly bodily traits. For example, their bodies can regrow limbs in seconds. Not even Saiyans can do that. Piccolo has used the ability many times, the first time being during the World Martial Arts Tournament. The downside of this power is that it consumes a busload of energy. But as long as the head of the Namekian remains intact, the entire body could be torn off and regenerated multiple times. That is one handy ability Goku could never have since he is not Namekian.

Namekian Fusion


Before the Fusion Dance and the mystic Potara Earrings were introduced to Dragon Ball, only Namekians knew the secret of fusion. They could do it just by bumping their chests or coming itno physical contact with each other. Piccolo has undergone fusion two times already. Kami and the Namekian warrior Nail now live inside Piccolo’s body, giving him a major power boost. He could also fuse with as many Namekians as possible since there is no limit to how many fusions a Namekian body can undertake.



This is more of a defensive ability made to keep the enemy pre-occupied or confused. The cloning technique can hardly be used for offensive tactics against stronger opponents. The reason is simple – the clones Piccolo makes are a fraction of his actual strength. The strength is further fractured up the more clones Piccolo creates. But it can be very useful as a a deceptive strategy. Piccolo fooled Frost into engaging with his clones while he gathered up enough time to charge up his Special; beam cannon when nobody was looking.

Demon Hand

Demon Hand

The unique Namekian biology grants for many unique abilities. Piccolo gains a lot of advantages in the battlefield over Goku because of his Namkeian heritage. One of the many well-known abilities is the Demon Hand. Piccolo can extend his hands to catch hold of objects or opponents. He can even tie an enemy up using just his hands. The Demon hand could also be used as an evasive maneuver, allowing Piccolo to get out of a corner by swinging out of the area. It can pull them towards an opponent or object or pull an enemy to them depending on the situation. Piccolo still finds it useful enough to use it during the Tournament of Power.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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