5 Times Vegeta Showed Us He’s the OG Boss Villain Of Dragon Ball

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He may be Goku’s most trusted pal now but for us, Vegeta will always be the greatest Dragon Ball villain. Prince Vegeta is a force of nature who should not be trifled with at any cost.


Vegeta Kills Nappa, His Own Partner, Like It’s A Saturday Night

Nappa’s Death

The Saiyan Prince was once the most unempathetic character. He only wanted strength and power. If his allies were not strong enough, he would not hesitate to eliminate them because weakness disgusts him. Nappa and Vegeta arrive on Earth after the Raditz fiasco to teach the Z Fighters a lesson. Goku proves more than a match for the bulky Nappa. Vegeta allows Nappa to take the lead in the fight and the latter just humiliates him by getting his butt kicked by Goku. So Vegeta does what he does best – eliminate the weakest link so that nothing holds him back. That was the moment we knew sh*t’s about to get real.

Vegeta Casually Exterminates A Whole Planet

Arlia’s Destruction

Raditz was juts the teaser. The real threat were Vegeta and Nappa. But it would take some time before the Saiyan duo could reach Earth. That gave the Z Fighters some valuable time where they could train and become stronger. Meanwhile out there in space, Vegeta and Nappa make a pit stop on planet Arlia. There they have their lunch and then casually goes on to kill every inhabitant of the planet. This scenes was probably just a way for teh show to reveal Vegeta’s terrifying strength. And it served it purpose well.


His Phenomenal Control Over His Great Ape Transformation

Great Ape

The Great Ape form greatly enhances the power of a Saiyan. But it is a double edged sword. in this form, a Saiyan cannot distinguish between friend and foe. So he will just attack anything he sees. Also the fans were under the impression that the rampaging Great Ape form requires a full moon. Vegeta showed that an elite Saiyan of royal heritage like him has no such limitations. Not only can he control his Great Ape form but also do it without even needing the full moon phase. Sure we only saw him in this form for a short while but it was worth it.

His Super Saiyan Reveal Made Us All Scared

Super Saiyan

For all his life, he thought he was the Super Saiyan from the Saiyan myths. But when Goku transcended his limits during the Frieza saga and turned his hair golden, Vegeta needed to take a few steps back and retrace what he had been doing all his life. After a serious journey on a path to self-discovery, he returns to battle Android 19. To everyone’s surprise, Vegeta immediately unlocks his super saiyan form and makes mince meat out of the android. The amount of aggression we see in Vegeta while he is literally tearing the android limb by limb almost makes us feel bad for the villain. For a few minutes, even the Z Fighters are confused if Vegeta is a good guy or he has returned back to his evil roots. That’s how terrifying he was.

Majin Vegeta Still Makes Us Squirm

Majin Vegeta

Vegeta’s personality change from a reckless royal brat to a genuine guardian of the planet softens him by the end of Dragon Ball Z. His goal of surpassing Goku remains just a dream. That is up until we see the Buu saga turn him into the nefarious Majin Vegeta. Bringing out the evil that was sleeping deep inside his psyche, Majin Vegeta becomes a force to be reckoned with. His first move to show the world that he is not here to play is by blasting thousands of World Tournament spectators. He wants a rematch with Kakarot. He finally gets what he wants and that battle with Goku is still considered the stuff of legends.



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