Dungeons & Dragons: New Details About Chris Pine’s Character Revealed

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Directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are really excellent with cooking up mysteries with “game related” projects. They did a great job with Game Night. It’s sad that they couldn’t get their story of The Flash up and running. But Paramount Pictures have handed them the reigns of a big budget Dungeons & Dragons movie. And what’s great is that Chris Pine is in talks to star as the leading man of the film that’s based on the infamous role-playing game of the same name.


Details about the movie are still being kept under wraps. But we do know that it will begin production in in Belfast, Ireland, in early 2021. Michael Gilio is penning down the script. And, The Illuminerdi has brought in some exclusive details about the character that Chris Pine is supposed to play in the film.


According to their report, “Chris Pine is in negotiations the play the lead character Edgin who is in his 30s-late 40s.” A further description of Edgin states that he isn’t the luckiest of all characters, and we wouldn’t want to consider him as the classic hero type either. But humor is a big part of his demeanor, especially when he has to deal with demons. So, he’d be quite “lovable” for the audience to follow, possibly striking a parallel with someone like Peter Quill from MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Those who are aware with the rules of the game would know that a player needs to create his/her own character from scratch. The race (i.e. human, elf, gnome, etc.), class (fighter, druid, rogue, etc.), backgrounds and equipment are supposed to be created in order to determine who a character is and what he/she can do in the game. It is highly likely that Chris Pine’s character, Edgin is going to be a human. But we could speculate that he’d literally go through a lot of character development throughout the film. It is probably going to be a part of the story, considering the fact that the film is based on Dungeons & Dragons!


Chris Pine has a packed schedule after Wonder Woman 1984. But we do hope that he will sign on for Dungeons & Dragons, which is set to arrive on May 27, 2022.



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