Epic Naruto Battles That Are In The Manga But Not In The Anime


There were many epic Naruto battles that happened in the manga but were never shown in the anime. We list out the best of them all. These epic Naruto battles should have been in the anime.

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Kakuzu vs. Hashirama Senju

The Rag Doll Fights The Ninja God

If you ever think people expect too much of you, just remember the Hidden Waterfall Village once tasked Kakuzu to take down Hashirama Senju. Hashirama isn’t called the God of Shinobi for nothing. The guy once saw Madara Uchiha wrap his Susanoo around the Nine Tailed Fox in battle and just smiled. Kakuzu vs. Hashirama Senju would have been one of the most epic of Naruto Battles the anime forgot even happened.


Third Raikage vs. 10000 Shinobi

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The One Man Army

The Third Raikage was arguably even stronger than the Fourth Raikage. He had impenetrable defense and the greatest offense. But he finally bit the dust after fighting a 10000 strong ninja army for 3 days and 3 nights. That battle would have been one for the history books had the anime shown it. The character was done injustice in the anime, having been taken out so easily during the early phases of the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Tajima Uchiha vs. Butsuma Senju

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The Fight of The Forefathers

We know about the legendary rivalry between Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha. But even before they knew each other, their respective fathers were already bitter enemies, Tajima Uchiha had five sons, three of them being lost to the Senju. He only had Madara and Izuna Uchiha then. Butsuma Senju, father of Hashirama and Tobirama Senju, also harbored a deep hatred against the Uchiha clan. They have battled many times during the Warring States period. The anime didn’t show us those epic Naruto battles.


Minato vs. 1000 Hidden Rock Shinobi

The Birth Of The Yellow Flash

The Third Shinobi World War pit the Hidden Leaf village against multiple ninja villages. The strongest of them at the time was the Hidden Rock village. Almost at the verge of destroying Konoha and wiping it off the map, Hidden Rock sent 1000 of their most highly skilled shinobi to decimate Hidden Leaf. And it took literally one Hidden Leaf village shinobi to stop them. The legendary Minato Namikaze fought them in battle and singlehandedly stopped the invasion, earning the moniker – “Konoha’s Yellow Flash”.

Might Duy vs. Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist

The Eternal Genin Shows His True Colors

There is no one in this world who doe snot respect Might Guy. The dude came to fight a two Godlike Uchiha with control over the Ten Tails. And he hopped into battle with a pair of nun-chucks and said “It smells like b*tch in here”. The guy who taught Might Guy everything he knew about the Eight Gates was Might Duy – Guy’s father. And Duy has the honor of participating in one of the most epic Naruto Battles of all time. Called the Eternal Genin, Duy was looked down upon by everyone for being incompetent. Little did they know Duy had already unlocked the greatest Taijutsu technique ever – the Eight Gates Formation. When his son was about to be killed by the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, Duy used the Eight Gates to take down four of the seven swordsmen without breaking a sweat. That battle would have been spectacular to watch in the anime.


Tobirama Senju vs. Gold & Silver Brothers

Second Hokage’s Final Stand

Tobirama does not get the credit he truly deserves. The guy invented thousands of Jutsus and turned Konoha into a world power. Probably the greatest water style user to ever exist, Tobirama met his doom fighting 20 elite S-rank Shinobi led by the Gold & Silver Brothers. Using the entire array of Forbidden Justus at his disposal, Tobirama showed the enemy ninjas who’s the real boss here. But as far as epic Naruto battles that didn’t make it to the anime go, this one is probably the most underrated.


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