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Naruto: 6 Dumb Madara Uchiha Moments That Forced Us To Ask “Is This Really The Power Of A God?”

Naruto 6 Dumb Madara Uchiha Moments That Forced Us To Ask Is This Really The Power Of A God

He is a God amongst men. His power rivals that of all ninjas combined in the world of Naruto. But he did have some dumb-dumb moments of his own.

Most Of His Plans Were Sheer Luck

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Madara Uchiha & Obito

Reading the scared Uchiha Stone Tablet gave Madara the idea of bringing the world some much needed peace. But to do so, he had to enact his grand plan. He went to extreme lengths to get the powers of his rival. He didn’t even know at what point in time combining his and Hashirama’s powers would give him the Rinnegan. He stumbled upon Obito by sheer luck. Things just conveniently lined up for Madara. Plot armor much?

Why Didn’t He Give His Rinnegan To Obito Instead Of Nagato?

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When Madara died of old age, he gave away his Rinnegan to Nagato. The eyes became Nagato’s greatest weapon as he used them to establish the Akatsuki and start the fourth great ninja war. Madara’s end goal was to make Obito force Nagato use the Rinnegan to resurrect Madara Uchiha. But he could have just given his Rinnegan to Obito for safekeeping and waited till Obito’s body became strong enough to use one of those eyes to perform the Rinne Tensei.

His Grand Plan Of Putting The World In An Endless Dream Was Flawed

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Resurrected Madara

Madara Uchiha took one look at the Uchiha Stone Tablet and decided this is what he was going to do or die trying. He even got himself killed and then resurrected to enact this game plan of his. But the Infinite Tsukoyomi plan had many flaws. Had Madara Uchiha decided to give it a bit of thought, a brilliant ninja like him should have surely deduced that there were better ways to bring about world peace.

Madara Kept Giving Up On His Own Dreams

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Banking On His Plans To Fail

It was actually Madara Uchiha’s idea to establish a village where all clans could co-exist in peace and harmony. It was him that gave the Hidden Leaf Village its name. So when the leaf village was finally established, the fact that Madara left the idea and rebelled against it made no sense. No matter who the Hokage was, it was still Madara’s idea to make a ninja village. He gave up on it so quickly. We are sure he would have given up on Infinite Tsukoyomi just as quickly too.

Madara Went Unnecessarily Too Far To Gain Hashirama Senju’s Cells

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Hashirama Senju Cells

Madara Uchiha wanted to combine Hashirama’s cells with his body in an attempt to infuse the Indra with Asura chakra. This would give him the mythical power of the Rinnegan and the Sage of Six Paths. But waging war on a village and betraying all his people wasn’t how a brilliant man like Madara should have done things. Had Hashirama known Madara was looking for more power for the purpose of world peace, he would have himself given his DNA to him.

He Should Have Easily Detected That The Uchiha Stone Tablet Was Tampered

uchiha tablet Cropped.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=740&h=370&dpr=1
Uchiha Stone Tablet

The stone tablet and its message were left behind by Hagoromo Otsutsuki. The engraving was later altered by Black Zetsu and the message was doctored to facilitate the rebirth of Kaguya Otsutsuki. Madara, with his Rinnegan, should have been able to realize that the Stone Tablet was scratched up and its message changed. Madara never managed to notice the changes made which seems odd.

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