Eternals: 10 Celestials From The Comics Most Likely To Appear In The Movie


What role will the Celestials play in the upcoming Eternals movie? And more importantly, which Celestial will make an appearance in Eternals?

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The Progenitor

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The Progenitor was an Alpha Celestial. He came to earth billions of years ago when our planet was still in its primal stage. There it was attacked and infected by the Horde, agents of the Fulcrum. He died, his corpse absorbed by the Earth. It was the Progenitor’s cosmic blood that seeped into the Earth and forever changed its course. His blood is the reason all superhumans exist in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Many call him “The Father of the Avengers.”

Celestial Madonna

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Nope not the singer. The Celestial Madonna visited the planet back in 114 AD. The cosmic being had a child in her womb and knew that giving birth to the child would destroy her body. But she wanted the child to survive after she’s gone. The Celestial Madonna flew into the sun, giving birth to the Star Child. In the SHIELD maxiseries, it was Leonardo da Vinci who first came into contact with her.

Gamiel The Manipulator

gamiel the manipulator


While most Celestials possess extraordinary power, Gamiel is the weakest of all of them. He is the same size as that of the Hulk and is the youngest of all Celestials. Gamiel got the moniker “Manipulator” because he caused the events that led to the 4 million year Kree-Skrull war. His job is to watch over Earth.

The Celestial Destructor

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He belongs to a special class of celestials called the “Aspirants”. This class has a distinct red and black armor. The Celestial Destructor was sent by the First Firmament, the first reality to ever exist, to destroy the universe. This universe is the eighth iteration of eternity born from the events of Secret wars. But his coming was already known and Earth’s magic based heroes collectively cast a spell that sent him back to where he came from.




Zgreb The Aspirant only cared about finding his lover. And he would destroy entire worlds if need be to find her. Zgreb fought the Ancient Avengers, with members like Odin and Agamotto and was narrowly defeated. Also known as “The Fallen”, Zgreb returned a millennia later but was defeated once more.

Arishem The Judge

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The leader of the Four Hosts of Earth Celestials, Arishem has had a huge hand to play in changing the course of human history. He was responsible for the great flood that nearly wiped out the Deviants. He led the Celestials in their war against the Watchers. Arishem has the sole responsibility of deciding which planet should or shouldn’t be destroyed. Arishem was later killed by the Dark Celestials.




For 12 Billion years, Godhead watched over the alien Viscardi civilization on a distant planet. When the Viscardi pleaded Godhead to let them explore the universe, Godhead destroyed the entire race except the Viscardi leader. He then left the planet, citing no reason why he did what he did.

Eson The Searcher

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Considering he is the first living Celestial Marvel deemed worthy of introducing in the MCU, there’s a high probability Eson has a larger role to play in Eternals. In the MCU, he had possession of the Power Stone which he used to obliterate entire planets.

Exitar The Executioner

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Exitar is not actually one Celestial. It is a mantle assumed by a long line of Celestials. An Exitar is more powerful than the Beyonder, Galactus and Odin. He is immortal and cannot be killed. Sue Storm and Thor have been the only ones who have ever managed to take one down. Exitar’s role is to destroy worlds deemed unworthy.


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A near mythical being even by Celestial standards, Tiamut is the one that stands above all the other Celestials in terms of power. Not even Uatu the Watcher can see him, which is seemingly impossible. Even Galactus is scared of him which explains just how big of a cosmic force of nature he is.


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