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‘Did anyone really listened to that?’: Elliot’s Song From Euphoria Gets Nominated at the Emmys, Fans Say It Was Unnecessary

Elliot’s Song from Euphoria got an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding original music and lyrics. Dominic Fike’s song gets Emmy Nomination even after the fans trashed that scene during the season 2 finale. As the news of the nominations rises, the hilarious fan tweets again resurface on the Internet depicting how much that song disappointed them.

Zendaya Euphoria
Zendaya in HBO Series Euphoria

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What is Elliot’s Song in Euphoria?

Elliot's song receives Emmy Nomination
Elliot’s Song scene in the Euphoria Finale

Elliot played by Dominic Fike sings a song during the last episode to Rue played by Zendaya. The lyrics are written by Zendaya and Labrinth.  Although the song was supposed to be a heartfelt moment, the reactions that came out were far from what was anticipated.

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It’s not like the fans madly hated the song but they actually felt it too much irrelevant and unnecessary with all those things happening all around. They wanted to watch some more of Fez and Ashtray or the portions of Cassie and Maddy.

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Fans React Hilariously to the Nomination:

Amusing and hilarious reactions are taking over Twitter as soon as the Nomination is announced. Some of them claim that they even forgot the song after not hearing it for a long time. Some of the tweets are:



These tweets speak enough about how bored they truly were while watching the show and it was undoubtedly unnecessary to them.

The Euphoria Star’s Response:

Elliot's song on Emmys
Elliot responded on Instagram earlier after the finale aired

However, the 26-year-old Dominic Fike took to his Instagram earlier when the final episode aired to address the fans regarding that scene and he took everything very sportily. He revealed that earlier it was a scene with a trumpet but as he didn’t know how to play it, the guitar took the place. Further, regarding the disappointing reactions, he shared some hilarious memes and wrote on Instagram:

“The internet remains undefeated. I am humbled.”

So although now nothing can be changed with that guitar scene, it can be hoped that we will never get to watch anything like that again in the future.

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