Latest Fortnite Leak Opens the Door for The Simpsons to Make An Appearance Finally

One of the most notable families in pop culture could be coming to the Epic Games's Battle Royale.

Latest Fortnite Leak Opens the Door for The Simpsons to Make An Appearance Finally


  • New Fortnite leaks show a Greek mythology-themed season with the gods of Olympus as the main characters.
  • There is a skin with the name Cerberus that leaked, as for the possible name of the season.
  • The codename for this new season is The Odyssey.
  • The leaked images are pointing to a Greek-themed design.
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Epic Games made a revolution in gaming with Fortnite. The battle royale title went beyond just the collaboration and is forming its own universe within the actual game. Various very popular franchises have been in Fortnite, like Marvel, Star Wars, other videogame characters, and even music stars like Ariana Grande and recently Lady Gaga.


But new leaks are pointing to what will be coming next in Fortnite. It appears that a Greek-themed season is near with the popular gods of this mythology as protagonists; this could also mean a famous Homer to be in the game and not the one from the odyssey. 

The Odyssey, Homer of The Simpsons, and Greek-themed Season Could be Coming to Fortnite

Artwork of the next season has reportedly leaked.
Artwork of the next season has reportedly leaked.

Fortnite leaks are a common thing; several new seasons were completely leaking weeks before they were released. The community is used to this kind of thing happening with the content of this game. In places like Reddit or X, there are always insiders and users that are dedicated to this kind of content.


The next season appears to have already leaked on Reddit and X. An X user that specializes in Fortnite news has posted some pictures about what some art and characters will look like in the next season.

According to Ako on X, some designs, like the art and loading screens for the game, will be Greek-themed. Two skins were leaked; and one is called Cerberus, and the other looks like an Olympian. The codename of this new season is The Odyssey, like the poem written by Homer, so this could be a very good opportunity that Fortnite has to bring this character to the game. Futurama, Family Guy, and other similar TV shows have already appeared on this popular Battle Royale.


Fortnite and a very bright future

Disney and Epic Games make a deal that could bring a lot of new changes in Fortnite
Disney and Epic Games make a deal that could bring a lot of new changes to Fortnite.

The popular game keeps changing and evolving, and Epic Games is betting all their resources on Fortnite, so it becomes something more than just a game. A lot of things that made history in the industry happened in Fortnite, like live concerts inside the game or events that changed the map of the game, with some celebrities appearing to make all this happen. The universe that this video game is creating will push the boundaries of gaming in general.

Disney made a very incredible deal with Epic Games, investing more than 1.5 billion dollars in the content of this brand in the new Fortnite ecosystem that has Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, and LEGO. The characters of Disney will be coming to Fortnite in any way or form very soon.

Do you like the Greek-themed possibility? Tell us what you think about the next season in the comments.


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