God Of War Ragnarok PC Port Rumor Further Fuels Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 PC Release Prediction

Is Sony quietly shortening the gap between first-party PC releases?

god of war ragnarok , marvel’s spider-man 2


  • Sony may be accelerating its PC port strategy, with rumors suggesting a God of War Ragnarok announcement this May, potentially launching much earlier than the previously stated two-year gap.
  • This aligns with comments from Sony's CFO about becoming "more aggressive" with PC releases.
  • If true, it could set a precedent for future titles like Spider-Man 2, though an official confirmation is still needed.
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PlayStation has massively grown its PC portfolio after committing to the platform in 2019, and while it did stumble along the way, like with the recent Helldivers 2 PSN debacle, the company has seen a great deal of success from its double-dip launches.


Back in 2022, PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst confirmed that they will release live-service games day and date on PC, which is sensible, and big singleplayer titles will be spaced out to at least two years between their PS5 and PC launches. However, a recent rumor suggests this may have changed.

God of War Ragnarok Hitting PC Earlier Than We Thought?

A still of Kratos and Thor in God of War Ragnarök (2022)
A still of Kratos and Thor in God of War Ragnarök (2022) | Sony Santa Monica

Credible leaker billbil-kun has reported that the wait for a God of War Ragnarok PC port might be much shorter than anticipated. They hint at an imminent announcement for the port, potentially sometime this May.


This news could hint to a big turning point for Sony’s PC strategy, as Ragnarok released on PlayStation consoles in November 2022. With a rumored PC port announcement sometime very soon, it’ll only have been around 18 months since its launch, a far cry from the originally-stated two year gap.

2019’s Days Gone has so far held the record for the fastest transition from console to PC, as it launched on Steam in 2021. Ragnarok, which sold exceptionally well on PS4/PS5 and was critically acclaimed, could be the new holder of that record.


This accelerated timeline aligns with recent comments from Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki. In February, Totoki expressed the company’s plan to become more aggressive with PC releases. A quicker cadence for porting first-party exclusives could be another way Sony doubles down on its multi-platform approach.

Spider-Man 2 May Show Up On PC Long Before October 2025

If Sony is indeed following a quicker pace for PC ports, Spider-Man 2 could be on PC in a year.
If Sony is indeed following a quicker pace for PC ports, Spider-Man 2 could be on PC in a year | Insomniac

This has led many to wonder if Sony might be pursuing a similar timeline with Spider-Man 2‘s PC port as well. Launched exclusively on PS5 in October 2023, the sequel was highly regarded by critics and has shifted over 10 million copies to date.

If Ragnarok does end up on PC earlier than the stipulated two-year window, that could set a precedent for future PlayStation singleplayer titles, including Spider-Man 2 as well. It could very well be possible that we see the sequel on PC before October 2025.


Curiously, files from the colossal Insomniac leak from December 2023 revealed that the studio did have an internal PC build of Spider-Man 2, which is being unofficially reverse-engineered by modders to work as a fully functioning game.

The important takeaway here, though, is that a PC version of the game already exists. However, it was most likely just for tool development and to ensure the game maintains compatibility with PC architectures. This technique was also employed by Guerrilla during Horizon Forbidden West‘s development.

Guerrilla's internal PC version of Forbidden West was much different to the port that launched some time ago | Guerrilla
Guerrilla’s PC version of Forbidden West was much different to the port that launched some time ago | Guerrilla

However, PC players should hold their horses, as Sony has yet to confirm the rumor. It could just be that God of War Ragnarok‘s PC port may be launching in November 2024, but gets an earlier announcement than usual to build up more hype.

While skepticism towards leaks is always wise, billbil-kun’s track record has been near-perfect so far, and with mounting rumors of a PlayStation Showcase later this month, a barrage of announcements may be headed our way very soon.


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