“Gore fans will get their fill”: Saw X’s “Diabolical and Messy” Traps Will Leave You Horrified, Tobin Bell’s Return Praised by the Critics

"Gore fans will get their fill": Saw X's "Diabolical and Messy" Traps Will Leave You Horrified, Tobin Bell’s Return Praised by the Critics
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The chilling franchise, Saw, needs no introduction. It has continued to boost audiences’ dopamine with its compelling yet horrifying storylines and is now back with its tenth installment, Saw X which is making rounds on the Internet. Having already debuted in theatres, Kevin Greutert’s directorial is directly set between the first two films.

Saw X
Saw X

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Thus, it is mounting fans’ expectations on Tobin Bell’s character, John Kramer, as he becomes aware of his serious medical condition. Ahead of its theatrical screening, critics have already shared their opinions on the new movie and the reviews are largely positive. 


Saw X is ‘One of the Greatest’ Franchise Films So Far!

The Saw Series
The Saw Series

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Leaving no ounce of doubt, critics have shared their honest opinions on the new movie. The movie has tried to level up its horror game by legitimately focusing on the storyline development which eventually resulted in further growth in the characters’ traits. 

Punch Drunk Critics’s Travis Hopson rates Saw X 3.5 stars out of a possible 5, mentioning that the franchise is back in its original game by focusing on a simple story. 


“It’s made the franchise feel relevant again, by going back to its roots with a simpler, less complicated story.”

While the critic is brutal about the movie traps, it is enough to keep fans hooked. Hopson continued, 

“Don’t get me wrong, the traps are just as diabolical and messy; gore fans will get their fill. But by slotting this film between Saw and Saw II as the soon-to-be-deceased John Kramer confronts his cancer head-on, it allows for a tighter focus on the series’ most popular character without all of the narrative trickery latter films needed to keep him relevant storywise.”

Meanwhile, CinemaBlend’s Eric Eisenberg shared his thoughts on the new horror flick, Saw X stating, 

“Altogether it’s an odd cinematic experience, but it’s still easily one of the greatest from the Saw franchise thus far.”

It is for sure going to bring back old memories for the devoted fans who love the original movies. Given that the movie is going to be an ‘odd cinematic experience’ for fans, critics have also thrown light on Tobin Bell‘s return as John ‘Jigsaw’ Kramer in the flick. 


What Does Critics Have to Say About Tobin Bell?

Tobin Bell in the Saw X movie
Tobin Bell in the Saw X movie

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Bell is highly recognized for his work in the Saw franchise, and the new flick has made sure to bring him back, focusing the movie entirely on his character. 

Cinemablend’s critics have made sure to share their opinions on the movie, touching lightly on the film’s main subject. 


“It’s certainly messy – and I’m not just referring to the gallons upon gallons of blood that pour so that John’s victims can understand the value of life. The effort made to properly portray Jigsaw’s perspective is a touch too strong for the movie’s own good (suggesting a little too hard that the character is justified in what he does), and while there is an attempt at constructing a classic Saw twist ending, it’s not one that ranks among the series’ best.”

Meanwhile, Brian Tallerico of RogerEbert.com has positive reviews for the actors, Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith. The critic opinionated, 

“They’re both better here than in any other film in the series, bringing these characters back to life in a way that feels more emotionally resonant than most of the string-pulling they’ve done in past movies.”

Saw has cemented a strong legacy of establishing itself as one of the highest-grossing horror franchises of all time. Known for its gruesome traps, it leaves characters with no choice but to make horrifying choices for their survival. With Bell back in his serial killer Jigsaw game, the R-rated Saw X has made $2 million in Thursday previews at the box office as per The Numbers

Saw X is now running in theatres.


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