Hajime Isayama Gives Fans a Heartwarming Gift with Attack on Titan’s Epic Conclusion

Hajime Isayama shares some behind the scene art from the finale episode of Attack on Titan.

Hajime Isayama Gives Fans a Heartwarming Gift with Attack on Titan's Epic Conclusion


  • The Attack on Titan manga's first and last art book, Fly, will be released with some special additions that will provide readers a more comprehensive and in-depth look at the series.
  • Isayama will also provide some heartwarming behind-the-scenes looks at his input as a heartfelt gift to the fans. Additionally, the art book will feature changes made to the final episode.
  • To help promote the upcoming art book, a few promotional pages were released in Japan.
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Since the conclusion of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan anime, fans have been eagerly waiting for some sort of return to the series. And to the surprise of the fans, Fly, the first and final art book for the Attack on Titan manga, will be released for some exclusive additions to get a deeper and broader look at the series.

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This 200-plus page art book will include freshly drawn artwork for the last chapter in addition to 18 pages of newly created manga content collected into a new 35th volume. There will be full-color versions of Hajime Isayama’s illustrations available. The Attack on Titan series’ first and last art book is slated to be released on April 30, 2024.

Attack on Titan Fly
Attack on Titan Fly

As a heartwarming gift to the fans, Isayama will also share a few behind-the-scenes glimpses at Isayama’s input, and modifications to the final episode will also be included in the art book. Some promo pages of these additions were also shared for the fans to get excited about the upcoming art book.

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Hajime Isayama Shares A Heartwarming Gift For Fans

Attack on Titan finally ended its long journey of 10 years with an epic conclusion that was loved by fans a lot. To make the ending more precise and better, Isayama added his contributions for MAPPA to consider and add to the finale episode which surely made a huge difference.

Hajime Isyama
Mangaka Hajime Isayama

From Armin and Eren’s extended conversation to the change in the post-credit scene, there were many things different in the Attack on Titan anime finale which were not part of the final chapters in the manga thus giving the series an even better ending than the manga series.


Several promotional pages from the book were released in Japan to help publicize the upcoming art book. The pages feature extra material that Isayama created for the anime’s climax, and fans of Attack on Titan adore the present. Fans had no trouble figuring them out, and as the pictures show, these sketches included the full conversation that Eren and Armin had.


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Hajime Isayama’s Addition to Attack on Titan Finale Episode

Isayama as the creator of the series also assisted the MAPPA crew in creating the final episode of Attack on Titan by providing additional artwork for the anime. Even Isayama admitted in one of his interviews that he added some of his ideas and thoughts about how they could improve upon the manga series’ ending, which was extremely controversial.


Eren and Armin’s conversation was one of the most significant changes. There were modifications made to the conversation in the MAPPA adaptation. Isayama himself oversaw these modifications, having personally contributed unique drawings to direct the animation team as part of his active involvement in the anime’s production.

Armin and Eren Last Conversation
Armin and Eren’s Last Conversation

These drawings and many other additional information about the series and its production will be featured in the upcoming art book, fly and fans can’t wait to get their hands on the book to learn more about their favorite anime series.


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