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Hancock 2: 6 Reasons Fans Want It Despite The Original Film’s Failure

Bring back Hobo Superman

Despite the hate it gets, Hancock was still the 4th highest grossing movie of 2008. Hancock 2 has been languishing in development hell for 14 years already. Here’s why fans want Hancock 2 to happen.

Hancock 2 Can Do Without The Romantic Angle

Hancock & Mary

The first Hancock movie played out the love interest angle too much into the story. At times, it felt forced and nauseating. While Charlize Theron being Hancock’s immortal other half sounds like a good twist, the love triangle thing did not actually make the movie better. It made it worse at times. We will give the writers credit for coming up with the idea of making the two mortal the more they are near each other. But hancock works best as a cruddy superhero movie about a man not fit to be a vigilante savior. Make it about Hancock’s long lost love and everything falls apart from the beginning. Hancock 2 could be more about actual superhero stuff.

Make Hancock The Hobo Superhero He Is

Alcoholic Superhero

A superhero who is a homeless vagrant everyone knows but no one really likes – this plot has incredible potential. The first few scenes of Hancock made us fall in love with the movie. It was not the typical superhero movie we all flock to the theaters now to watch. It was different, to say the least. The movie lost its touch by the time it got to its second act. That entire homeless superhero element got diluted and watered down into a love triangle that had no place in the film to begin with. Hancock 2 could give us what the original Hancock trailer promised us – a disgraced, down on his luck superhero who just wants to sleep on the park bench and get wasted.

Introduce A Good Supervillain

john hancock 20
Needs A Villain With Similar Powers

The first movie established that there are other beings like Hancock out there. They always come in pairs. The more the pair stick around, the more human they get. Hancock and Charlize Theron‘s character retained their powers because they stay away from each other. What if there was someone out there who lost his or her better half to the tides of times or worse? That person would have no way of gaining mortality since the other person is dead. That is the perfect supervillain origin story for Hancock 2. Hancock fought killers and bank robbers in the first movie. They aren’t that great supervillain material. A true supervillain with the same powers as Hancock could be the Hancock 2 antagonist.

Bring Back Jason Bateman

Will Smith Jason Bateman Looking Somewhere In Hancock
Jason Bateman

Despite having acting heavyweights like Will Smith and Charlize Theron, the true MVP of the movie was Jason Bateman. He helped turn a truly mediocre movie into somewhat watchable material. Bateman plays the clueless PR guy. He knows he is doing his best. We all know that. He fails miserably at what he does and still wakes up the next day with sunshine in his eyes. When Bateman’s character tries to give Hancock’s bad image a facelift, that’s where he truly shines in the film. If Hancock 2 is ever made, we would like Bateman to be in the sequel somehow.

Hancock 2 Must Explore The Secret Behind Hancock’s Existence

Hancock 2 Must Answer Questions

Obviously there’s a reason why Hancock exists in his world. The movie reveals that Hancock is just a mythological Godlike entity similar to the ones that are mentioned in legends and folktales. He came to this world during the dawn of time and helped shape it. But how did he reach here. And how come Hancock & Mary are the only ones left. There’s certainly a mystery that could be explored further in Hancock 2.

Make It R-Rated

R-Rated Sequel

The original movie had some really raunchy scenes. Hancock has sex with underage girls. He ejaculates so strongly it rips a hole in his trailer’s roof. there were tons of R-Rated scenes that were edited out of the film to give it a more PG-13 rating. If Deadpool and Logan have taught us something, it is that R-rated superhero flicks are not a lost cause. Hancock 2 must also be rated R.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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