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Harry Potter: 7 Underrated But Insanely Potent Superpowers Every Hogwarts Wizard Knows

The Harry Potter universe has quite a few number of powerful spells that are used widely. There are a few spells from Harry Potter that are super underrated but are incredibly powerful if used properly.

Concealment Charms

Concealment Charms

They may be one of the least used abilities in the Wizarding World. Not many wizards in the Harry Potter movies have been seen using it. A concealment charm effectively conceals a person and any magical object and its abilities from being seen. Although their use can be very versatile, the only time it was used in a crucial manner was in Hogwarts Mystery video game. These charms make you literally invisible. They should be talked about more.

Love Spells


Horace Slughorn, in the books, wanted his students to know about the most powerful love potion in existence. Amortentia can make a person fall madly in love with someone. Although it may be used for the most benevolent of reasons,. there are some serious consequences of using it in a practical scenario. Both Tom Riddle, Sr., and Ronald Weasley were victims. They know why love spell casting is extremely dangerous and should not be used unless absolutely necessary. But imagine the implications if a person makes a bunch of people fall in love with him. He would have an army who would die for him, always available at his beck and call.

Unbreakable Vow

Unbreakable Vows

An Unbreakable Vow is a magical contract cats between two people. The vow is based on a certain promise. If either party breaks the promise he or she made, the vow is broken and the party that broke the promise dies. In the Harry Potter universe, only the Death Eaters are shown to use unbreakable vows. Severus Snape made un unbreakable vow that he would aid Draco Malfoy in killing Albus Dumbledore.

Magic Without Using Wands

Wandless Sorcery

Wandless Magic is very rare in the Harry Potter universe. But it is not just a myth. There is one wizard in the Wizarding World who can perform magic without using a wand. And that is none other than Albus Dumbledore. No other wizard has ever been able to perform the feat. An extreme form of magic that requires the highest mastery of sorcery and incredible discipline, it could change the game in the Harry Potter universe if mastered by others.

The Obliviate Spell

Obliviate Spell

If you could commit all kinds of crimes and evil acts and then have the power to erase the memories of those acts from the minds of the people you witnessed it, you would become the world’s greatest evil mastermind. The Obliviate spell allows a wizard to manipulate the memories in other people’s minds. It is so powerful that it can literally re-write reality to a certain extent. Both Hermione and Professor Lockhart have used it. One did it out of love while the other did it for sinister reasons.

Prophetic Sights

Sybill Trelawney

The future holds many deep, dark secrets. Some are good. Most of them are not something you would welcome into your home. What if you had the power to take a gander at things that haven’t happened yet? Professor Sybill Trelawney is the only known person from Hogwarts who possesses the incredible gift of Prophetic Sights. Her predictions may sound cryptic and vague but are later proved to be incredibly accurate.



The art of Legilimency allows a wizard to read and pry into the thoughts of unsuspecting victims. It is a very rare skill that is mostly used by dark wizards and sorcerers to carry out their evil schemes. Legilimency has a lot of perks though. Aurors can use it to rip open the thoughts of potential suspects. There’s so much potential in possessing the ability to read your enemy’s mind.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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