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“Haven’t been asked, but that’d be fun”: Stephen Amell Willing to Return as Green Arrow in Flash Final Season to Bid Final Goodbye as WB Shuts Down CW Shows

Stephen Amell Willing to Return as Green Arrow in Flash Final Season

Stephen Amell’s Arrow kickstarted the CW’s Arrowverse and gave the fans an amazing eight-season journey surrounding Green Arrow and his team. His hand in introducing Grant Gustin’s Flash and the show’s collaborations with other subsequent DC shows on CW played a major role in giving fame to the character. One of the show’s biggest accomplishments outside of its own arcs was the involvement of Barry Allen and Flash as a show.

Stephen Amell
Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin

Barry and Oliver Queen’s relationship was easily comparable to that of two brothers, so much so that Oliver was Barry’s best man during his wedding. While Arrow’s final episode aired a long time back, Flash too will be airing its final season soon enough. So with that, fans cannot stop asking for Amell to return as the character for one more season.

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Stephen Amell Is Still Not Sure If He’ll Return As Green Arrow

After a long run, the Arrowverse is finally ending. One by one each show that was added to this universe found its end, however, Flash managed to have the longest run so far. Now with its final season coming out soon, it could be the last the fans see of Grant Gustin as the titular character. Both Oliver Queen and Barry Allen happened to be best of friends if not family till 2020 when Amell’s show aired its final season.

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Oliver Queen and Barry Allen

“People ask me if I’m going to come back for ‘The Flash’ final season. I guess you’re just going to have to watch. Haven’t been asked, but, you know, that’d be fun.”

The actors and the characters had a similar set of friendly dynamics and their interactions were a peak goal of interest for the fans. When asked about a potential return for the final season, Stephen Amell stated that he was still awaiting an invitation for the same and would love to get back with his co-star.

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How Would Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow Return To Flash?

The events of Arrow clearly showed Oliver Queen sacrificing himself for those he loved in a rather poetic ending. Crisis on Infinite Earths marked the character’s end and concluded his show two episodes later. However, it opened a large number of possibilities to get the character back for one final appearance in Gustin’s show.

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Oliver Queen and Barry Allen

While Barry can travel in the past and the future, as limited as it may be, it opens up a way for Amell’s character to appear in the show as his past self. Not only that, but parallel universes have been further confirmed within the same and so there could be a chance that Oliver Queen happens to be part of a different universe as well.

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Source: Screen Rant

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