“There’s no f**king need”: The Helldivers 2 Community isn’t the Toxic Free, Help Everyone Else Place it Used to be and Fans Have Had Enough

Annoying teammates is part of the average co-op experience.

"There's no f**king need": The Helldivers 2 Community isn't the Toxic Free, Help Everyone Else Place it Used to be and Fans Have Had Enough


  • A recent Reddit post sparked a discussion about frustrating experiences with unhelpful teammates during Helldivers 2 missions.
  • Players shared stories of reckless actions jeopardizing missions, from refusing to board extraction shuttles to calling in airstrikes without checking if everyone was safe.
  • Despite the challenges, the majority of the Helldivers 2 community is quite cooperative, with instances of good teamwork earning praise from the game's developers.
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Helldivers 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the classic cooperative shooter, has managed to do what many multiplayer games fail to do—make players WANT to strategize together and rely on one another.


However, with every co-op game, there are always going to be bad actors ruining the experience. A recent post on social media has opened Pandora’s box on the darker side of the Helldivers community, with everyone chiming in to speak about unhelpful behavior they’ve come across.

Helldivers 2 Players Frustrated with The Community’s Behavior

Helldivers 2 can be frustrating to play when you're working with uncooperative teammates
Helldivers 2 can be frustrating to play when you’re working with uncooperative teammates

It all started with a simple rant post on Reddit by user aLegionOfDavids, who shared their frustrations about a teammate’s reckless behavior during a Helldivers 2 mission.


The post, titled “Just get in the ship,” quickly gained traction as others chimed in with their tales of woe.

Just get in Pelican-1 you idiot.
byu/aLegionOfDavids inHelldivers

In the post, aLegionOfDavids spoke about an annoying experience where a teammate refused to board the extraction shuttle.


Instead, they wasted time by lingering dangerously close to the edge and calling in an Eagle airstrike. Bile Titans ended up closing in and killing a bunch of people, who were holding over 40 samples.

The post resonated with a lot of players who had similar experiences of teammates jeopardizing missions through careless actions.

byu/aLegionOfDavids from discussion


Stories poured in, detailing instances of players calling in airstrikes without checking if everyone had safely boarded the extraction shuttle or wandering off to explore instead of focusing on the mission objective.

byu/aLegionOfDavids from discussion

One player suggested a simple solution to this recurring problem:


Leave slackers behind if the mission is endangered. In the name of democracy!

Another player decided leaving people behind wasn’t an option, but they had a more violent method to ensuring things went their way:

This really really fucking annoys me now to the point i wait for everyone to get in and if 1 starts to stall I’ll melee them into the fucking ship 

So, the next time you find a rambunctious teammate wasting everyone else’s time, you know exactly what to do. In Helldivers 2, it seems violence IS the answer!

Aside From a Few Bad Apples, The Community is Solid

Most Helldivers are intent on working with one another, ensuring a good gaming experience
Most Helldivers are intent on working with one another, ensuring a good gaming experience

You can’t help but come across players whose only goal is to make everyone else’s day harder. But, those types of players don’t seem to be common in Helldivers 2.


The way the game is structured, teamwork is heavily rewarded. Plus, Arrowhead’s CEO Johan Pilestedt is always appreciative when he comes across these acts of cooperation.

One player showcased an excellent display of teamwork between themselves and another player on X/Twitter. In the clip, the player was reloading their teammate’s weapon as the other mowed down incoming Automatons.

Pilestedt complimented the maneuver on X, stating, “This is the friend everyone needs.” It’s nice to see the brain behind the game actively interact with members of the community and praise good behavior.


Have you had any moments of great teamwork on Helldivers 2? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!


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