“He’s more of a natural than I’ll ever be”: Meg Ryan Claims ‘Nepo Baby’ Tag Doesn’t Apply to Son Jack Quaid as He’s a Better Actor Than She Ever Was

The Oppenheimer actor is Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid’s son.

meg ryan claims ‘nepo baby’ tag doesn’t apply to son jack quaid as he’s a better actor than she ever was


  • Jack Quaid is known for his roles in the Amazon Prime Video series The Boys, in which he plays Hughie Campbell.
  • He is the son of actors Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid and has starred in multiple independent and blockbuster films.
  • Meg Ryan mentioned that Jack Quaid cannot be disregarded as a ‘nepo-baby’ as he was a far better actor than she was.
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Jack Quaid became a known presence throughout the world when he was cast as Hughie Campbell in the dark superhero series The Boys. His role as the innocent yet ambitious Hughie gained positive responses throughout and he is all set to reprise his role in the upcoming fourth season of the acclaimed show.


Quaid is the son of actors Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, both of whom are accomplished in their careers and have delivered acclaimed performances over the years. Ryan recently mentioned in an interview that despite their presence, Jack Quaid could not be accused of being a product of nepotism as he was a much better actor.

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Jack Quaid’s Life And Career

Jack Quaid in The Boys
Jack Quaid in The Boys

Jack Quaid began acting young and studied the craft at the Tisch School of Arts at NYU for three years. Quaid began his career in a small role in the Jennifer Lawrence starring young-adult fantasy franchise The Hunger Games. Quaid played the role of the antagonistic District 1 tribute Marvel in the first film. He also reprised his role in a flashback sequence in the sequel Catching Fire.

Quaid then starred in a series of independent films such as Tragedy Girls and Just Before I Go. He also starred in his mother Meg Ryan’s directorial Ithaca, in which he co-starred with actors such as Sam Shepard and Tom Hanks. Quaid was also part of the Dwayne Johnson-starring blockbuster Rampage and the Steven Soderbergh-directed heist comedy Logan Lucky.

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Jack Quaid in in Logan Lucky
Jack Quaid in Logan Lucky

Quaid had his breakthrough when he was cast as Hughie Campbell in The Boys. The series based on the comic books of the same name featured him in the lead role along with Karl Urban and Anthony Starr. His performance as the scared yet ambitious Hughie was lauded by critics. He reprised his role in two more seasons and is all set to return for the fourth season.

Quaid has also had a successful voice acting career as he lent his voice to the DCAU film Batman: The Long Halloween, where he played Alberto Falcone. He also featured as Earth 65 Peter Parker, the Lizard in Spider-Gwen’s universe in the Sony film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse. Quaid was recently seen in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, where he played noted physicist Richard Feynman.

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Meg Ryan Believes The ‘Nepo-Baby’ Tag Does Not Work On Jack Quaid

Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan

Jack Quaid is the son of actors Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid, who married in 1991 after starring together in two films Innerspace and D.O.A. The two divorced in 2001. Ryan is known for starring in films such as Top Gun, When Harry Met Sally…, You’ve Got Mail, and Sleepless In Seattle. She has also directed films such as Ithaca and What Happens Later.

Meg Ryan recently mentioned in an interview that accusations of her son Jack Quaid being a product of nepotism were baseless and that he was a far superior actor than she ever was. She said to Glamour,

“Jack is really talented. He’s more of a natural than I’ll ever be. That nepo stuff is so dismissive of his work ethic, his gifts, and how sensitive he is to the idea of his privilege.”

Ryan also revealed the reaction she had when she first saw Jack Quaid perform on stage when Quaid was in Middle School. He reportedly played Bottom in a school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She said,


“He was playing Bottom. I was newly divorced from his dad, and he was seated at the other side of the gym. I had my head in my hands and was like, ‘Oh, no. He’s good. He’s really good.’ I leaned forward, and I see Dennis, and he’s also leaning forward with his head in his hands. I just knew.”

The actress mentioned that they were dismayed by his talents as they knew the intense scrutiny that Quaid would receive as a star kid.

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