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Hidden Gems: Amazon Prime Originals You Never Knew Existed

The Amazon Prime Movie Library is full of amazing movies from all genres. With so much to choose from, a lot of Amazon Prime Original Movies end up not getting the attention they deserve. These underrated flicks are a must watch.

The Vast Of Night

The 1950’s, believe it or not, were truly the most interesting times to live in. Sure the sixties and the seventies were cool but it were the Fifties that got things going. Radio Switchboard Operator Fay and DJ Everett discover a strange radio frequency that threatens to change the future forever. Conspiracy thrillers never looked so engaging. The duo end up becoming unlikely heroes. Amazon was so impressed when the movie released in the 2019 Slamdance Festival that it immediately acquired the exclusive distribution rights.

You Were Never Really Here

If you are a fan of Joaquin Phoenix, this is a movie you could get behind. Despite such stellar ratings, this Joaquin Phoenix starrer vehicle has not caught up to mainstream viewers. Phoenix stars as Joe, a Military Veteran with a tragic past. He protects trafficked girls and hunts down the sexual predators that try to harm them. While on one routine mission, Joe’s life is turned upside down. Director Lynn Ramsay’s work is soft, tender, brutal, and violent. Phoenix delivers a career best, which is saying something.

I Am Not Your Negro

The documentary is based on the unfinished manuscript of acclaimed writer James Baldwin’s Remember The House. Baldwin was close acquaintances with three of the greatest African-American leaders of America – Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, and Martin Luther King Junior. His work was a close observation of the racial tensions that existed during the Civil Rights movement. It’s a bloody powerful work and the documentary will show you just how far we have come and yet how far we have yet to cover before we achieve total equality.


Do you like poetry? Regardless of your answer, once you watch Paterson, you will fall in love with mere words that give such rhythmic satisfaction. Adam Driver lives an ordinary and mundane life. He is a bus driver. He has a boring job and carries out trivial, uninteresting tasks throughout the day. But here’s the catch – Driver’s character beautifies simple everyday tasks like walking the dog or going to the local bar with poetry. The movie is intentionally made uninteresting and undramatic. It’s the powerful screenplay and Driver’s character’s knack for poems that make it a must-watch.

The Handmaiden

Probably one of the greatest erotic thrillers to have been ever made, Chan-Wook-Park’s The Handmaiden is a loose adaptation of Sara Waters’ British Drama. The story has a cultural facelift. The setting is now Japan Occupied Korea in the 1930’s. Sook-Hee is a thief and a con woman. She takes up a job as a Handmaiden for the powerful but gullible Lady Hideko. There’s tons of twists and turns in the story. While on her quest to rob Lady Hideko of her wealth, there’s a web of lies, deception, and romance that Sook-Hee must traverse first. Depravity and Fiendish scenes are the greatest highlights of the movie.