‘His origin is closely tied to the Multiverse concept’: Henry Cavill Playing Captain Britain in Secret Wars To Diss James Gunn after MCU Multiverse Saga Cracks Open Reality?

'His origin is closely tied to the Multiverse concept': Henry Cavill Playing Captain Britain in Secret Wars To Diss James Gunn after MCU Multiverse Saga Cracks Open Reality?
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Henry Cavill’s future has been a bit all over the place after the chaotic tenure of 2022. But he pulled through. The young dreamer from the Channel Islands now not only has the entire world falling at his feet but is a highly respected celebrity in his own right – a rare combination these days.


Tracing the events of his rise to the very beginning, it was a piece of advice from Russell Crowe on the sets of Proof of Life (2000) that eventually set the then-17-year-old starry-eyed Cavill on the path to Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard. By fate or chance – the two would meet again 13 years later on the sets of the very film that reinstated success for the Superman actor. But just as Man of Steel launched Henry Cavill, so did it mark the beginning of Sisyphian destruction.

Henry Cavill in Manila for The Witcher fan event
Henry Cavill

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Now, with all of it behind him, the ex-Superman (and ex-Geralt) actor begins a journey that is completely his own – not ruled by producers and their shifting whimsies. But that’s not to say the fans don’t have plans of their own mapped out down to an iota for what the Brit can do next.

Henry Cavill’s Potential Role as MCU’s Captain Britain

After the on-again-off-again relationship with DC, Henry Cavill has finally stepped away for good (or rather, was gently pushed aside by DC chief James Gunn) from his role as Superman. But one man’s loss is another’s opportunity. For Marvel, this is the opportunity that can revive the dwindling enthusiasm of the fans after the abysmal reception to Kevin Feige’s “experimental” Phase Four and the eventual onset of “Marvel fatigue”.

Captain Britain
Captain Britain

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After the brain-wracking exposés dealt with by Feige and his Phase Five and Six rosters, fans have been worn down by information overload and an overdose of possibilities. Now, with the Multiverse Saga beginning to take shape, the fandom has come up with the perfect theory for Henry Cavill and his place in the new world order at Marvel as Brian Braddock aka Captain Britain.

Reasons Why Multiverse Saga is Perfect for Captain Britain

For one, the X-Men are gearing up for an entry that opens up the potential for the spin-off superhero group Excalibur to make their debut. Given how Braddock is a member of the spin-off, it would make sense for the champion of the British Isles and its people to step into the fray as well. The character’s close association with the multiversal Captain Britain Corps – a league of Captain Britains from various realities further makes him a perfect candidate for the multiversal adventure that the MCU is gearing up for as we speak.

Captain Britain Corps
Captain Britain Corps

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Additionally, Kevin Feige has recently declared a shift in the franchise’s genre from action and espionage to entirely new sides of the MCU with [an] unusual, fun, and frightening spin on the supernatural.” The President promises that the new Saga focuses on three pillars: Street, Cosmic, and Supernatural, and considering how the origins of Captain Britain are deeply rooted in mysticism, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the character’s origin in the coming saga (re: the full-blown realm of the mystic introduced via Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch in Phase Four projects).

Can Henry Cavill Join the MCU Fray in the Upcoming Saga?

Captain Britain fighting the Phoenix Force
Captain Britain fighting the Phoenix Force

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Joining the Marvel universe is essentially signing away decades of one’s life into a single franchise. It is hard to imagine Henry Cavill voluntarily opting for the chance of portraying Captain Britain for a film or two over the next half-decade. If star power is what Feige is aiming for, then Cavill’s Captain Britain will make sense for a celebrity cameo in Secret Wars. But considering how the actor is already pushing 40 and Marvel looks to focus more on the branches of the X-Men universe post the Phase Six events, the chances of Cavill sticking around for that long are slim to none.


Moreover, the Brit already has his hands full with starring in as well as executive producing his own Warhammer Cinematic Universe, which predictably will take up his full range of time and energy in the coming decade. A Captain Britain side hustle as such seems a distant dream as of now.

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