‘Hope he rips people in half like in the comics’: Ecstatic Fans React To Thunderbolts Reportedly Bringing in Ryan Gosling as The Sentry

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New rumors about the renowned actor from The Notebook, Ryan Gosling joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the onset of Phase 5 have started to surface all over social media, and fans seem to be all hyped up with regard to this potential addition.

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling

As per sources, the Canadian actor might just appear in the upcoming Marvel film, Thunderbolts, and kick off his debut as an MCU supervillain, The Sentry. Although these rumors haven’t been confirmed yet, Ryan Gosling did show a rather keen interest in becoming a part of the MCU earlier this year in an interview, so you never know!

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Ryan Gosling is Rumored to Play The Sentry in Thunderbolts 

Popular industry insider Daniel Richtman recently revealed that Marvel Studios was reportedly planning on designating the role of The Sentry to Ryan Gosling and introducing him as a supervillain in Jake Schreier’s Thunderbolts.

The character of Robert Reynolds, aka The Sentry, is one of the most formidable ones with him carrying “the power of a thousand exploding suns” after being injected with a mysterious serum containing a secret formula when he was a high-school student. His dangerous and superhuman powers are said to be a source of immense threat to everyone around him.

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Ryan Gosling is rumored to star as Sentry in Thunderbolts

While the rumors about Gosling playing the character of Robert Reynolds are quite nebulous, the La la land star has previously expressed his desire to be a part of the MCU, claiming that it would be a “cool” thing to happen.

The 42-year-old recently starred in the action/thriller movie, The Gray Man which was released earlier this year in July and is directed by the Russo brothers, who also happened to have shepherded the 2019 MCU blockbuster, Avengers: Endgame. So it’s not entirely impossible for Gosling to enter the realm of the superhero franchise.

Marvel Fans Are Thrilled About Sentry’s Role in Thunderbolts

The Marvel fandom seems to be particularly fond of the idea of Sentry being the primary villain in Thunderbolts as the rumor about the Blade Runner 2049 star stepping in the character’s shoes in the film spread over the internet.


Meanwhile, fans are absolutely hyped to see Gosling as Sentry in his incredible golden suit and with his unrivaled powers appear in Thunderbolts against Florence Pugh‘s Yelena Belova, David Harbour’s Red Guardian, and Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross.

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Given the extent of Sentry’s powers and his unparalleled abilities, fans are curious to see just how the Thunderbolts team will survive him should his character be introduced in the movie. And most of the audience is even counting on the jam-packed action that is likely to follow if Gosling takes over as Sentry.


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Sentry is also popularly considered to be the Marvel version of an “evil Superman.” So, it would definitely be an interesting take to see Gosling’s representation of the MCU supervillain. However, more information with regard to the same is yet to be disclosed.

Thunderbolts is set to release on July 26, 2024.

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