“I had to find myself”: Jennifer Lopez Recalls the Worst Thing About Her Past Breakup With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez recalls the things that went wrong between her and Ben Affleck's past relationship.

“I had to find myself”: Jennifer Lopez Recalls the Worst Thing About Her Past Breakup With Ben Affleck


  • Jennifer Lopez and her life has been constantly observed and documented through her decades long career.
  • While talking about her three new projects centered around her romantic journey, Lopez also got candid about her and Affleck's past relationship.
  • Planning to tell her own tale of their romance, the singer and actress revealed the excessive pressure and attention made their first relationship fail.
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Jennifer Lopez is still super driven and passionate. An individual with the singular force of a star, her aura alone is enough to captivate anyone and everyone within miles of her to herself. And perhaps that is why the tabloids cannot seem to have enough of her. Ever since the actress and singer stepped into this glamorous world, she has been the subject of endless scrutiny, speculation, controversy, and praise.

Jennifer Lopez (image via The Today show)
Jennifer Lopez (image via The Today Show)

Especially when it comes to her romances, there seems to be seldom anything that hasn’t been touched upon by the wicked pens and all-seeing lenses of the tabloids. And so to come clean, or tell her own story, in her own words and perspective, Lopez will be releasing three projects, touching upon her past relationships. And in a recent interview with Variety, while sharing details of her soon-to-be-released projects, Lopez also got candid about her present and past relationship with her husband, Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez Recalls The Worst Things About Her Past Relationship With Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (via movie Gigli)

Jennifer Lopez‘s passion project of finding and losing love will be incomplete without Ben Affleck. The two, who share a romance characteristic of the many romantic movies of Hollywood, first met back in 2002, and ever since it has been no less than a rollercoaster of a ride (see People).


Dating for two years, with each and each tabloid going crazy about them, their eventual split in 2004 was well documented. However, Hollywood seldom buries things and the details of their past breakup resurfaced when their romance rekindled in 2021.

Just as it happened back then, their present romance and marriage have been the subject of numerous controversies and rumors. While speaking to Variety recently, talking about her upcoming projects centered around love, the actress and popstar revealed what went wrong in their past relationship,

“Our relationship crumbled under the weight of the pressure. We lost a sense of ourselves, and we needed to separate because we didn’t know how to survive it. I had to figure myself out, and he had to figure himself out.”

And so turning the tables on what went down the first time, the constant media attention and controversy, Lopez will be releasing three projects centered around her search for love, a journey that Affleck grudgingly follows along.


From her past trauma and toxic relationships, or compromising herself in ways that she never thought she would, the projects will offer a deep insight into her relationship with Affleck, both past and present. Although she reckons these projects will be more of a final chronicle of her relationship with love itself, fans would hate for her to give it up just now.

Jennifer Lopez To Release Three Projects Documenting Her Search for Love

Jennifer Lopez in a still from This Is Me... Now: The Love Story
Jennifer Lopez in a still from This Is Me… Now: The Love Story

‘When I was a girl they asked me what I’d be / A woman in love is what I grew up wanting to be / It’s my melody / The symphony I seek’ sang Jennifer Lopez while performing her title track from her newest album on SNL just a few days ago. An intimate track and an apparent catalog of her love life, Jennifer Lopez’s newest song is from her soon-to-be-released album, This is Me… Now.

A passion project and the most intimate and private album of her till now, This is Me… Now is an album that will be released along with a musical film titled This is Me… Now: A Love Story as well as a documentary documenting how the album and film were made The Greatest Love Story Never Told.


Inspired by her own quest for love and downfalls in the journey, the love letters from her now-husband Ben Affleck served as an inspiration for her upcoming album. Not only did the letters help her document her journey from her first breakup with Affleck to their ultimate reunification and marriage decades later, but they also served as an inspiration to the writers and musicians involved in the creation of the album (via Variety).

And so while Lopez is incredibly proud of the three upcoming projects, calling it a true piece of art, fans too are desperate to see what she has been working on all this while.

While the film and album will be released on February 16, the documentary will drop on February 27 only on Amazon Prime.


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