“I just fell in love”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Has No Regrets Leaving His Little Village, Feels He Was Always in the Wrong Place

Arnold Schwarzenegger Has No Regrets Leaving His Little Village, Feels He Was Always in the Wrong Place
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the legendary actor, holds no remorse for bidding farewell to his simple village in Austria. His unwavering belief in a greater purpose kept him looking forward. After settling in America, the 75-year-old embarked on an extraordinary journey toward success, defying simplistic portrayals.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Starting as a commanding skills force in bodybuilding, resolving esteemed awards such as Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia, he seamlessly transitioned into a dazzling acting career and gracing blockbuster films.


Why Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Leave Austria?

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Retired Professional Bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is renowned globally as one of the greatest bodybuilders in history and has transcended his initial fame to become a versatile figure. From actor and film producer to businessman and politician, he has adopted various roles, cementing his status as one of the most influential personalities in the United States. 

Schwarzenegger is respected by bodybuilders worldwide, and his seven Mr. Olympia victories have made him a living legend. 


The actor was born in Austria but left his native country at an early age out of lacking an intense desire for more. In a candid interview, he revealed the reasons behind his departure, shocking some viewers.

The young bodybuilder moved to the United States after becoming famous at a young age, motivated by an unwavering desire to excel in the bodybuilding industry. Reflecting on his choice, Schwarzenegger expressed his childhood adoration for the country and his immense sacrifices to pursue his dreams on American soil.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Fell Madly In Love With The U.S.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Former Governor Of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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The former bodybuilder maintained an enduring affection for the United States. Renowned as one of the most prominent figures in the American entertainment industry, Schwarzenegger’s journey to success remains a lesser-known tale of struggle and determination.

Born in a small town in the aftermath of World War II, he experienced a sense of limitation in his surroundings. In an interview with Graham Bensinger, the Predator artist recalled his childhood, describing the modest scale of his village, from its small bridges and cars to its one-cylinder motorcycles.

The sight of colossal Harley-Davidsons captivated his young imagination he fell deeply in love with America. He explained,


“But there was the Harley Davidson, the huge motorcycle. The huge Cadillacs with the wings and all that stuff. Everything (in the US) was just gigantic, and I just fell in love with that.”

However, it was through videos showcasing the magnificence of American landmarks that the former governor of California’s fascination with the U.S. first sparked. Although he was still too young to take action, Schwarzenegger knew in his heart that a future in America was his destiny. And he definitely made his destiny his reality.

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