“I was just a creepy cookie guy”: Barbie’s Ken Ryan Gosling Regrets His Pitiful Attempt to be the Santa Claus For Complete Strangers

Barbie’s Ken Ryan Gosling Regrets His Pitiful Attempt to be the Santa Claus For Complete Strangers
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Once upon a time, Hollywood’s beloved actor, Ryan Gosling, decided to make a delightful gesture of kindness. He surprised a lucky young lady by purchasing her entire collection of Girl Scout Cookies. But his generosity didn’t stop there. The actor, known for his sense of humor, took it upon himself to distribute the cookies to strangers on the streets of Santa Monica, California.

Ryan Gosling calls himself "Creepy Cookie Guy"
Ryan Gosling calls himself “Creepy Cookie Guy”

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During an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host, Jimmy Kimmel, playfully brought up this heartwarming incident from five or six years ago.


Being modest and humble, Gosling reluctantly confirmed that he was indeed the thoughtful actor behind the cookie giveaway. However, he jokingly expressed some regret, explaining that while it seemed like a good idea at the time, he now looks back on the incident with a sense of amusement and a tinge of embarrassment.

Ryan Gosling Talks about his Childhood

Curious about why Ryan Gosling would have any regrets about such a kind and quirky act, Kimmel prodded further. The empathetic and down-to-earth star of The Notebook shared that his impulsive purchase of the cookies was inspired by a childhood dream he had envisioned. Though unconventional, it showcased the endearing nature of the actor, who always brings smiles to both fans and strangers.

Ryan Gosling in 'La La Land'
Ryan Gosling in ‘La La Land’

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The Crazy, Stupid, Love actor revealed that during his childhood, he experienced a slight traumatic incident when he was unexpectedly tasked with selling a large quantity of plastic wrap brought by his father. Despite his efforts to sell it to friends and even teachers, he couldn’t find any success. He reminisced about standing outside a supermarket, hoping someone would come by and make his day by purchasing all the plastic wrap at once—a fantasy that unfortunately never materialized.

The Tale of the ‘Creepy Cookie Guy’

Gosling recalled an incident from about five or six years ago when he was already an adult and spending time in Santa Monica. During that time, he came across a group of Girl Scouts selling cookies outside a Ralphs store. The sight brought back memories of his own failed sales attempt, and he couldn’t help but reflect on how different it was from his childhood experience.

He made a spontaneous decision to play the role of the “I’ll take ’em all” guy, thinking it was a good idea at that moment. However, he later admitted to feeling regretful about it. Initially, he hadn’t anticipated the sheer quantity of cookies that “all” entailed, and they ended up filling his entire car.

Ryan Gosling in Barbie
Ryan Gosling in Barbie

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In an attempt to handle the situation, he began tossing cookies out of his car window to passersby on the street. “At the time I thought, ‘This must be what Santa Claus feels like!’” he said joyfully. 

However, his excitement waned when he noticed a person’s peculiar expression as they looked at him. It was then that he realized, from their perspective, he wasn’t being seen as Santa Claus but rather as “a creepy cookie guy”. The actor ended up saying that he eventually regretted it.


The La La Land actor is currently busy promoting Barbie which is in cinemas.

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