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“I was mortified”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Daughter Was Embarrassed By The Austrian Oak At Her School Only To Realize His True Stardom Years Later

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Daughter Was Embarrassed By The Austrian Oak At Her School Only To Realize His True Stardom Years Later

Katherine Schwarzenegger recently shared certain personal insights into her upbringing with her father, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In an interview on The Nikki and Brie Show, the 33-year-old mother of two reflected on how she felt growing up with a father who was a household name. She candidly expressed her feelings of being “mortified” when her famous dad used to drop her off at school. She wished for a more ordinary experience and hoped her father could blend in during the school drop-off routine.

Arnold and Katherine Schwarzenegger
Arnold and Katherine Schwarzenegger

During the interview, she also discussed the realization that her childhood was somewhat different from that of her friends. The hosts of the show praised Arnold Schwarzenegger as the “most bada** dad ever” prompting Katherine to reflect on her unique childhood as the eldest child of the actor and Maria Shriver.

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Katherine Schwarzenegger Was Mortified When Her Father Used to Drop Her Off At School

Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Hummer
Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Hummer

During a recent episode of SiriusXM’s The Nikki and Brie Show, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, the eldest daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger, shared some amusing anecdotes about how the Austrian Oak would drop her off at her school. When asked about her experience growing up with a famous and incredibly strong father, she fondly reminisced about her dad’s unconventional style. She said that he would often drop her off at school in a windowless, doorless, and roofless Hummer, which made her feel quite “mortified”.

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“I remember the only time really realizing like, ‘Okay, this is different,’ because my dad would drop us off at school in a Hummer that had no windows, no doors, and no roof, and I was mortified.”

She even confessed that she would literally beg her father to drop her off a bit farther from school, as she felt embarrassed by the attention. She longed for a more ordinary way to be dropped off, such as in a minivan.

“He would pull up to carpool and I was, ‘Can you please drop me off down the street? Please, I’m so embarrassed. Can we please just take the minivan? Like, this is not my vibe. I just don’t like this at all.”

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However, as Katherine Schwarzenegger grew older, she noticed that her classmates became increasingly interested in her dad, further bringing the unique nature of her upbringing into spotlight.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up About His Life In Netflix Documentary Arnold

In his recently released docuseries on Netflix titled Arnold, the renowned bodybuilder-turned-actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, opened up about the transformative impact of fatherhood on his life. Reflecting on the experience, he expressed how becoming a father was an entirely new and profound journey, surpassing any expectations or descriptions. When his daughter was born, he strongly remembers being overwhelmed with emotion, tears streaming down his face, as he realized the immense significance of the life he had helped create with his then-wife, Maria Shiver.

“When Katherine was born, there were tears running down my eyes. I was just so emotional about this life that I have just created with Maria and you realize this is a whole other world.”

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Arnold, Maria and Katherine Schwarzenegger
Arnold, Maria, and Katherine Schwarzenegger

The joy and happiness they brought to his world was truly staggering. Despite the eventual revelation of his past affair with Mildred Baena in 1996, which led to the separation of their parents when Katherine Schwarzenegger was 21, the family remained committed to prioritizing togetherness, especially on special occasions and major holidays.

The former Californian Governor jokingly said that if there were was an Oscar for handling divorce with the least impact on their children, he and Shriver should be recognized for their approach. He credited her for instilling sweetness and kindness in their children, while he acknowledged his own influence in shaping their discipline and strong work ethic.

Arnold is streaming on Netflix.

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