“I will show you my chest”: Nami Actor Emily Rudd Struggles to Keep a Straight Face After One Piece Co-Star’s Awful Pickup Line

Nami Actor Emily Rudd Struggles to Keep a Straight Face After One Piece Co-Star’s Awful Pickup Line

It is no doubt when it comes to the fact that the major success of the recent Netflix production of One Piece Live-Action had a major role of none other than the cast themselves. Fans were amazed to see how well the actors were able to bond and synchronize with their roles, putting on the screen an amazing performance in the process.

Something that makes this cast special is the fact that they all bond well together within themselves, too, often bringing us gems of moments from interviews and other skits that they occasionally do out of the set.

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One Piece Live Action, Luffy, Zoro and Nami
Nami, Luffy and Zoro in One Piece

Cast Of One Piece Live-Action Attempts The Rizz Up Challenge

In a video released a few weeks ago on the Still Watching Netflix channel on YouTube, the cast of One Piece Live-Action consisting of Taz Skylar (Sanji), Emily Rudd (Nami), Iñaki Godoy (Luffy), and Jacob Gibson (Usopp) were shown attempting the rizz challenge.

The skit consisted of the actors taking turns to come up with the best pickup lines they could, and delivering the same. This video was evidently humorous and provided comedic relief to the watchers of the video.

Cast Of One Piece Live Action In A Charm Battle
Cast Of One Piece Live Action In A Charm Battle

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Nami’s Reaction To Usopp’s Insane Pickup Line

When it came to Jacob Gibson’s turn while the charm challenge was going on, he could not help but use an awful pickup line, causing Emily Rudd to pull off a classic Nami reaction.

Emily Rudd's Reaction To Jacob's Awful Pickup Line
Emily Rudd’s Reaction To Jacob’s Awful Pickup Line

The pickup line that Jacob used that caused this reaction was “If you want to see some treasure…, I’ll show you my chest“. This was not the only bizarre pickup line to come out of the video, as Taz Skylar had something up his own sleeve when his turn came around, managing to crack up the whole cast at once.

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Fan Reactions To The Charm Challenge Video

The video managed to gain a lot of positive feedback on the platform, with over 66 thousand likes right now, and the comments are filled with nothing but talks about their favorite cast and their reactions to their co-stars’ pickup lines.

The top comment consists of a user calling out how Taz Skylar having the worst pickup line, or “Negative Rizz” is the most on-point thing ever considering the character he plays is of Sanji.

Comments On The Video
Comments On The Video

Many of the comments also consisted of just appreciating the confidence and flirtiness of Emily Rudd, calling her the easy winner of this One Piece Live-Action cast charm battle.

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