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‘Iconic. Enjoyable. Best Flash Ever’: Fans Openly Diss Ezra Miller, Pay Homage to Grant Gustin as the Greatest Scarlet Speedster There Ever Was as Final Season Looms Near

'Iconic. Enjoyable. Best Flash Ever': Fans Openly Diss Ezra Miller, Pay Homage to Grant Gustin as the Greatest Scarlet Speedster There Ever Was as Final Season Looms Near

During Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the director was asked why he did not choose Grant Gustin to portray the Flash in the film, as he was already playing the character in the ongoing CW series. However, Snyder said that he didn’t find him a good fit for the character, and decided to cast Ezra Miller. The American actor is once again set to portray Barry Allen in the 2023 film The Flash. CW’s The Flash series will also wrap up with its last season airing in 2023 and fans are not ready to let Gustin go.

Grant Gustin as The Flash
Grant Gustin as The Flash

The Krystal star was introduced as the Flash in Arrow’s second season and has been playing the character for almost a decade. And fans have made it clear it would be hard for anyone to be as good as Gustin in portraying the scarlet speedster.

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Grant Gustin’s Final Run as The Flash

Grant Gustin made his debut as the Flash in the second season of CW’s Arrow. Followed by his appearance in the TV series, the scarlet speedster got his own show in 2014. CW’s The Flash became one of the most popular shows and aired for eight seasons until and is all set for its ninth and final season.

Earlier this year, the network declared that season 9 of the show will be its final season. There are also rumors that Gustin would make his last appearance as the scarlet speedster in the 2023 film The Flash. A promo for season 9 was released earlier this week and the A Haunting star has once again impressed fans as the Flash.

Grant Gustin to portray the Flash in Season 9
Grant Gustin to portray the Flash in Season 9

With the upcoming season, the show will become the longest-running Arrowverse series on CW, but it would still be the shortest season yet with 13 episodes. The Flash Season 9 would also be the last series to take place on the Earth-Prime from the Arrowverse.

Fans have been cheering for Gustin and hope that the creators give the show a better ending. They are also sure that the ninth and final season of the show would be the best one of the whole series.

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Fans Pay Tribute to Grant Gustin For Being the Best Flash

Grant Gustin has been Barry Allen aka The Flash for almost a decade. With the show reaching the heights of popularity, the actor has also become popular as the Flash. However, fans were not so happy when the network announced that Season 9 will be the final season of the series and would bring it to a conclusion.

Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin as The Flash
Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin as The Flash

As the network released the first look of season 9, fans started expressing their gratitude towards Gustin for being the best Flash. Ezra Miller, who portrayed the character in Justice League, did portray the character quite well. However, their legal troubles and scandals also caused issues for the upcoming film.

After this fans started asking the studio to replace the Trainwreck star with Grant Gustin in the film. Although the studio has yet not declared anything officially, the Afterschool actor is not expected to continue in the character after the 2023 film.

With the new CEO of the DC Studio planning to reboot the DCU, fans have started asking to cast Gustin as the Flash in the DCU. After CW released the promo for Season 9, fans took to Twitter to share that Grant Gustin is the perfect embodiment of the Flash and he should continue to play the character in the DCU as well.

Fans also trolled Ezra Miller as they asked to replace all their scenes in the 2023 film with Gustin. They also said that the Dalíland star is the one, DC Studios needs to get rid of, instead of firing the rest of the Justice League cast. Fans have made it clear that they want none other than Grant Gustin as the Flash.

The Flash Season 9 will premiere on February 8, 2023, on CW.

The Flash is set to release on the 16th of June, 2023

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