“If that’s the case, it’s my honor to be the custodian of the character”: Henry Cavill Wants To Sign Exclusive Contract To Make Him the Only Actor Who Can Play Superman

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Henry Cavill has had a lot of expectations to live up to ever since he first took on the role of Superman. One of those expectations was about honoring the comic book character in his portrayal while maintaining the arc explored within the SnyderVerse movies. After simply 3 movies, among which 2 were ensemble films and as such did not find him at the front and center of the narrative, Henry Cavill managed to pull off such an incredible delivery that both his exit and his return seems unreal.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

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Now that the actor has gathered up enough momentum within the DCU with his 10-second cameo 5 years after his last official appearance, Cavill seems a bit more open and happier to talk about donning the red cape and jetting off into stratospheric heights.


Henry Cavill Revels in His Comeback as Superman in DCU

It is not simply the audience that is overflowing with excitement and surrealistic joy ever since Henry Cavill stepped out of the shadows in the post-credits scene of Black Adam. The actor, who has brought Superman to a place where he is not simply loved but deified, also invested himself in the character and his place in DCU. For Cavill, whatever story he narrates needs to represent the entirety of its facade without which it becomes meaningless and devoid of substance.

Henry Cavill returns as DCEU's Superman
Henry Cavill returns as DCU’s Superman

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We found that trait in his in-depth investment in The Witcher and now, we witness the unmarred joy that lights up Cavill’s face whenever Superman is mentioned. During the promotion of Enola Holmes 2, the Justice League actor was faced with a barrage of questions about his return to the world of DCU. While speaking to ET, Cavill talks about the experience of being able to be Superman again.


“I think the most important thing for any of this, [for] anyone who needs to don the cape to be the custodian of a character like this, the primary point is if the fans want them there. And if that is the case, then it’s my honor, my privilege to be that and it’s my duty to make sure that I do [the audience] justice as the custodian of the character.”

As is apparent, the job of being able to wear the suit that represents hope both onscreen and off is not something the actor takes lightly. And if a narrative spanning the growth and evolution of the Man of Steel solely by Henry Cavill is on the table, the audience may not have a problem with the idea after the chaotic and disruptive few years DC has had in the past half-decade.

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Henry Cavill’s Superman Custody Can Disrupt DCU’s Future

After Zack Snyder’s attempts to centralize the DCEU resources into a mainstream timeline focusing on the universe that he built were torn apart by Walter Hamada & Co., an array of plans had populated the blueprint of the DCEU going forward. Among those were included a JJ Abrams-led Superman project and another Ta-Nehisi Coates-directed Black Superman movie. Those projects did not find the momentum to take off in the 5 years since Cavill’s last appearance despite expansion being the primary reason behind Hamada’s inclination to keep Snyder’s creation away.

Man of Steel 2
Man of Steel 2 is currently in development

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If Henry Cavill becomes the sole “custodian of the character” then that puts to stop the two other projects that have been in development for a long time under the banner of DC Films and Warner Bros. Given how Chief Zaslav is yet to cut the strings on that front and JJ Abrams is still on WBD’s retainer, any agreement with this amount of absolute authority seems unlikely to be signed between DC and Cavill that can put the future of the formative DCU in any form of restriction in exploring more choices going ahead.

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