“Is he…Is he gaslighting comic readers?”: Zack Snyder’s Increasingly Controversial Comments on Batman Makes it Hard for Devout Fans to Defend Him

Filmmaker Zack Snyder seemingly defends his controversial decision for Batman and Superman by criticizing loyal comic book fans.

“Is he…Is he gaslighting comic readers?”: Zack Snyder’s Increasingly Controversial Comments on Batman Makes it Hard for Devout Fans to Defend Him
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  • Despite having moved on to other projects, Zack Snyder remains tied to his divisive and polarizing work in the DCEU.
  • In a new interview, Snyder called out fans for getting brainwashed by inconsistent canon of Batman and Superman in the comics.
  • Fans did not take kindly to Snyder's comments and took to social media to call out the director for gaslighting fans to defend his own work.
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Director Zack Snyder has made some of the most polarizing films recently and his work in the DCEU has been extremely tumultuous. Snyder’s take on iconic comic book characters such as Batman and Superman was largely divisive and controversial, especially due to their deviation from their comic book counterparts’ value system.

Batman v Superman
A still from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

In a new interview, Snyder defended his take on the characters and criticized fans over their perception of Batman and Superman. As a result, fans were understandably infuriated by the director’s controversial comments and found it difficult to defend his stance. Here is what Zack Snyder said and why his comments turned loyal fans against him.

Zack Snyder Dops Another Controversial Comment About Batman’s DC Canon

Zack Snyder is widely known for his time as the main architect of the DCEU, which started with 2013’s Man of Steel. Snyder also directed 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and 2017’s Justice League. However, the films received mostly polarizing reactions from fans, especially because Batman and Superman are depicted as killers in Snyder’s take.

Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder (Image Credit: Vanity Fair | YouTube)

In a new interview with Empire magazine, Snyder revealed that he wasn’t surprised by the backlash his films received because of his darker take on the characters. The Rebel Moon director said (via ScreenTime):

“The only reason I’m not surprised is that some people got brainwashed by a bunch of material that’s not consistent with true canon. And that’s fine. They’re on their own journey.”

Snyder’s statement implied that Batman’s no-killing rule and Superman’s pacifist ideas were inconsistently depicted in the comics that served as source material for his films. Hence, Snyder indirectly hinted that his take on the characters wasn’t drastically different from the source material.

DC Fans Are Baffled and Confused By Zack Snyder’s Latest Batman Comments

Zack Snyder’s latest comments about Batman and Superman, particularly their morals as depicted in his films and the comic books did not sit well with DC fans. After Snyder’s comments made their way online, fans took to social media to counter the director’s take and criticized his statement.

Batman and Superman
DC’s iconic superheroes Batman and Superman played by Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill

Here is how fans responded to Snyder’s latest round of controversial comments about DC lore on X (formerly Twitter).



As the tweets suggest, most DC fans were unhappy with Snyder’s comments, which were aimed at comic book fans and their perception of heroes like Batman and Superman. At the same time, Snyder’s own fans who have praised his work in the DCEU despite its controversial and critically panned storytelling, also found it difficult to defend the filmmaker.

Other fans noted that given the lackluster response to Snyder’s Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire, the director resorted to talking about his DC films to promote the upcoming second installment of his new Netflix franchise. Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver, is scheduled for release on Netflix, on April 19, 2024.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and other DCEU movies are streaming on Max.

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