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“I’ve sort of semi-done it onscreen”: Kate Beckinsale Revealed One Batman Actor She Would Sleep With and It Wasn’t Co-Star Ben Affleck

During an interview, Beckinsale was asked to play a game called Shag, Marry, Kill

Kate Beckinsale Revealed One Batman Actor She Would Sleep With and It Wasn’t Co-Star Ben Affleck


  • Beckinsale had to choose between actors she has worked with.
  • She chose to "shag" Colin Farrell, "marry" Ben Affleck, and "kill" Josh Hartnett.
  • This surprised many, as Hartnett was her co-star in the film Pearl Harbor.

Kate Beckinsale is quite a well-known and respected actress. She has been a part of a number of well-known projects like Pearl Harbor, Van Helsing, Serendipity, and The Underworld series, through which she has established herself as a truly skilled and talented actress. Her characters possess a uniqueness that is distinct from them, which has helped her get nominated for a Critics Choice Award twice in her life, once for her work in Love & Friendship and for her work in Nothing But the Truth.

Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale

During an interview, the actress was asked about which actor she would sleep with, given three choices, two of which were Batman actors. Interestingly enough, Beckinsale did not pick her Pearl Harbor co-star, Ben Affleck, who is known for his good looks and talent as an actor. Rather she picked the other actor who featured in a Batman film.

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Kate Beckinsale Played Shag, Marry, Kill

Kate Beckinsale gave an interview with Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohenwhere she was asked to play a game of Shag, Marry, Kill. The twist in this was that the options would be actors who, in the past, have worked with her on some project or the other. The first option was Josh Hartnett, who featured alongside the actress in Pearl Harbor.

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Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale

The next option was another one of her co-stars from the 2001 film, Ben Affleck, best known for his work in projects like Good Will Hunting, Gone Girl, Air, and most famously, playing the role of Batman in the DC Universe. Lastly, Colin Farrell was the final option, who is best known for featuring in movies like The Batman as the Penguin, The Gentlemen, and Total Recall, where he starred alongside Beckinsale.

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The Answers Were Surprising

The lineup given to Kate Beckinsale is not an easy one, considering all of these actors are very good-looking, which is the premise of this game. Many would expect the actress to pick Ben Affleck, considering the fact that he was a part of her most successful film, however, this wasn’t the case.

Kate Beckinsale 3
Kate Beckinsale

“That’s quite hard!,” Kate expressed. “I’d probably have to shag Colin because I’ve sort of semi-done it onscreen so I feel like it would count. I’d marry Ben, and I’d kill Josh.”

The actress started by saying that she would shag Colin Farrell, stating that the two shared an intimate scene in their film, Total Recall, so she wouldn’t mind going all the way. She then stated that she would marry Affleck and would kill her other Pearl Harbour co-star, Josh Hartnett, despite the two playing love interests in the film.

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