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“Johnny gave him a huge hug and kept kissing him”: Johnny Depp’s Bromance With Orlando Bloom Did Not End After Humiliating Amber Heard Trial

"Johnny gave him a huge hug and kept kissing him": Johnny Depp's Bromance With Orlando Bloom Did Not End After Humiliating Amber Heard Trial

Once revered as one of the most successful and accomplished stars in the Hollywood industry, Johnny Depp’s fall from grace occurred when his ex-wife Amber Heard charged him with domestic abuse accusations, that led the world to turn their backs against him, leaving him behind. But despite all of the backlash that he suffered, some friends stuck close to him through thick and thin.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

And with the help of that love and support, the star finally emerged victorious as he was declared non-guilty in the globally-televised Defamation case against Heard. Fans of the stars were overjoyed to see such an outcome, while his friends from the industry also took a breath of relief as the world finally came to know what they did all along. One of his friends and co-stars also shared his opinions on the case and talked about his relationship with Depp.

Johnny Depp And Orlando Bloom Are Still The Best of Friends

Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom
Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom

Having left a mark on the world of cinema thanks to his contributions to various highly successful films and franchises, it was a shame to see Johnny Depp being dragged through the mud after the infamous domestic abuse case that was slapped on him by ex-wife Amber Heard. Left and right, companies and collaborators that had worked with him in the past started severing their ties with him. But people like Lord of The Rings star Orlando Bloom had faith in him every step of the way.

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In the past, Bloom has recalled countless times just how much he loved the Edward Scissorhands star and what an honor it was to work with him in the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise. He also recalled an incident back in the day when they were off to meet with the Caribbean Prime Minister with Jerry Bruckheimer on his private jet, and things got a little out of hand. He said:

Jerry was up at the front of the plane with his wife, and me and Johnny and Johnny‘s friend Sam were at the back of the plane and we sat there and drank red wine, I don’t know, maybe the altitude had something to do with it, but when we got to the island we just, like, crawled off the plane, staggering. The Prime Minister was there to meet us and he goes, ‘Hey man, very pleased to introduce you to St. Vincent,’Johnny‘s friend crawled past him, didn’t even stop, Johnny gave him a huge hug and kept kissing him. And there’s me trailing after Johnny picking up all the stuff he kept dropping. It was crazy.”

Thus, being so close with each other, during the year 2017 with the release of the 5th installment in the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise when the domestic abuse accusations went viral and the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory started getting hate, Bloom stood up to defend him, calling him a man who is capable of many things, but something so wrong and brutish wasn’t in Johnny Depp’s nature.

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What Has Johnny Depp Been Upto?

Johnny Depp in a still from Jeanne Du Barry
Johnny Depp in a still from Jeanne Du Barry

While he may have faced hardships in the form of being shunned by the very industry that he worked his whole life for, he has recently been on a path of redemption in the eyes of the people. At the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, people were seen giving a seven-minute standing ovation with lots of heartfelt emotions for his latest French period drama Jeanne Du Barry. 

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Pirates of The Caribbean, all parts now streaming on Disney+.

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