Justice League: First 5 Major Heroes Ever To Leave The Team

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The Justice League is not nearly as united as you think. Over the years, many prominent DC Heroes have left the Justice League for a variety of reasons.


Wonder Woman Left Because She Lost Her Powers

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Wonder Woman

The first major DC superhero to leave the Justice League was one of the three legs that forms DC’s Holy Trinity. Wonder Woman lost access to her Godlike Amazonian abilities during the late Sixties. As a result, she could no longer be a superhero and was forced to leave the team for quite some time. In the comic book Justice League of America #69, Diana comes across the rest of the team and claims she no longer has what it takes to be a Justice League member. But things do not go as planned. Wonder Woman tries to resign on account of her newly de-powered status. But Superman refuses to accept her resignation from the team. Instead, she is granted an indefinite leave of absence until her powers return. In the same comic book arc’s 100th issue anniversary, Diana returns to being an active member once her Amazonian powers come back.


Martian Manhunter Left Because He Wants To Rebuild His Home – Mars

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Martian Manhunter

J’onn J’onzz aka the Martian Manhunter left the team because of a very legitimate reason. In the story arc – “And So My World Ends”, Martian Manhunter leaves the team in Justice League of America #71. Martian Manhunter was on exile from his home planet after trying to incite a rebellion in Mars. Once his exile ends, J’onn returns back to his world but trouble soon follows and he comes back to seek the help  of the Justice League. The League helps Martian Manhunter defeat the rival faction and save his people. As the story comes to an end, Martian Manhunter decides to stay back to help rebuild the Martian civilization.

Hawkman Left Because He Was Called Back To Fulfil His Thanagarian Duties

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The superhero team – Justice League of America, did not just stop with the major DC heroes of the day. They soon recruited some other secondary superheroes that weren’t as popular. Elongated Man, the Atom, Black Canary, and Hawkman soon joined the team and became famous heroes within the DC Roster. The Earth-1 version of Hawkman – Kator Hol, was a Thanagarian Policeman who had come to the planet while chasing an inter-galactic criminal. He stayed back on Earth to study’s Earth’s law enforcement tactics. When he was called back to Thanagar by his superiors, Hawkman put in his resignation and called it a day. He returned to Earth in the 117th issue of the same comic book arc.


Red Tornado Left Because He Wanted To Save The Planet from A Solar Flare

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Red Tornado

The DC android superhero has had a very tumultuous relationship with his Justice League membership. The android was originally a part of the Earth-2 Justice Society of America. After the Seven Soldiers of Victory crossover event, Tornado found himself in Earth-1, where he became an active member of the team. In Justice League of America #129, Nekron – the Lord of the Un-Living, infects the Justice League with a condition that makes them fear death. With a solar flare that is threatening to destroy the world, Hawkman decides to sacrifice himself to save the Earth. Red Tornado, disguised as Hawkman, goes in his stead and gets killed in the process.

Green Arrow Left Because He Thought The Team Was Getting Too Powerful

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Green Arrow

Oliver Queens departure was the turning point for Justice League of America, effectively ending the team. In Justice League of America #181, Oliver Queen leaves the group after Firestorm is recruited into it. He believed the team was getting too powerful and was not doing enough to address street level crime. Green Arrow‘s exit would prompt DC heroes to start working from the grassroots level once again.



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