“Keep him in your thoughts and prayers”: Angus Cloud’s Ex-Manager Revealed Actor’s Troubled Past Behavior After Relapsing as Euphoria Star Tragically Passed Away at 25

"Keep him in your thoughts and prayers": Angus Cloud's Ex-Manager Revealed Actor's Troubled Past Behavior After Relapsing as Euphoria Star Tragically Passed Away at 25
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The 25-year-old American actor, Angus Cloud, gained public recognition playing a local drug dealer, Fezco, in the popular TV series Euphoria. Starring alongside actors like Zendaya and Jacob Elorodi, he was praised for his performance in the drama series. However, with an unfortunate turn of events, the Euphoria actor passed away on July 31, 2023. The authorities have started an investigation to learn the cause of death, which is yet to be confirmed.

Angus Cloud in Euphoria with other actors
Angus Cloud with the Euphoria cast

However, it is believed to be a possible overdose, as reported by his mother in the emergency call. After his passing, an old tweet from a man claiming to be his ex-manager has resurfaced in which he details the actor’s struggles with substance abuse.

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Angus Cloud Passed Away in His Oakland Home

Euphoria actor Angus Cloud was pronounced dead at his family home in Oakland after his mother called emergency services, reporting a possible overdose and that her son did not have a pulse. The exact cause of death is not determined yet, and the police have started their investigation into the sudden passing of the actor.

Angus Cloud in Euphoria
Angus Cloud in Euphoria

According to TMZ, a source close to the family has shared that Cloud had been grieving the loss of his father, who recently passed away, and that it has been really hard for him. “Last week, he buried his father and intensely struggled with this loss,” the late actor’s family told TMZ.

It is also reported that he had been struggling with s*icidal thoughts since his father’s demise. The family has also said that he has been dealing with mental stress and has asked for privacy as they deal with a devastating loss.


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Angus Cloud’s Ex-Manager Highlights His Addictions in Tweets

After Angus Cloud passed away, months-old tweets from his ex-manager, Diomi Cordero, have resurfaced. In the Twitter thread shared in April, the ex-manager states that they first met while working as a “mental health technician” at a rehab. Later, he left his job to represent the actor.

Diomi Cordero
Diomi Cordero

However, he resigned in February 2022 due to the constant abuse of the Euphoria star towards him. He also claimed that the actor had been struggling with substance abuse, and it only got worse with time. Cordero mentioned a January 2022 incident when he received a call from Cloud’s roommate regarding an overdose.


The ex-manager gave him Narcan CPR and did mouth-to-mouth. “Regrettably, as he regained consciousness, Angus vomited onto my face,” he mentioned in his tweet. He also claimed to have suffered from PTSD symptoms from assisting the North Hollywood actor for a movie shoot, where he managed to stay sober for a month.

Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow in Euphoria
Angus Cloud in Euphoria

However, he mentioned that Cloud’s behavior toward him slowly became “extremely abusive,” leading him to resign. In the Twitter thread, he also mentioned that after him, Angus Cloud was represented by Sam Lufti, who has been associated with celebrities struggling with mental stress and addictions. “So please keep Angus in your thoughts & prayers,” he said while mentioning his association with the Lufti.

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