‘Marvel-Ception’: Ms. Marvel Easter Egg Proves Marvel Studios Exists Within The MCU

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New individuals and perhaps new conflict for Kamala and her allies are introduced in the second episode of Ms. Marvel. In addition to meeting Kamala’s best friends and getting a look into their lives as they celebrate Eid Mubarak, a new senior at school catches Kamala’s interest as Damage Control zeroes in on her. Kamala also makes an effort to understand more about her family’s past.

Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

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Ms. Marvel manages to slip in a few Easter eggs and add lots of references to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe between all of the tension and slow-burning stories. In the first two episodes of the show, there was a lot for viewers to uncover. Another delightful discovery awaited spectators who paid careful attention and evaluated what was on show at the imaginary convention: Marvel itself exists in the MCU.


Ms. Marvel hints at Marvel’s existence in the MCU

As fascinating as it may sound, this is true as far as Ms. Marvel put forth. When Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan visits her AvengerCon paradise in Ms. Marvel’s first episode, viewers who look carefully enough might make a fascinating discovery after scrutinizing the various Easter eggs on display. A table containing Ant-Man and the Wasp merchandise for sale can be seen at one of the numerous booths. Attendees may purchase action figurines of the titular hero, as well as a replica of Scott Lang’s helmet.

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Replica of Scott Lang's helmet - Ms. Marvel
Replica of Scott Lang’s helmet

Viewers who examine the item more closely may note that not only does the character’s branding match that of real life, but Marvel’s logo can also be seen on the packaging. This toy is available in the real world as part of Hasbro’s Ant-Man and the Wasp figure collection from 2018, hence it wasn’t designed specifically for Ms. Marvel.


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Ant-Man and the Wasp
Ant-Man and the Wasp

Does the fact that Marvel exists imply that they have a comic universe that is influenced by the MCU rather than the other way around? Yes, there’s a good likelihood that the placement of this merchandise in the shot was done without much care. They were probably simply looking for some fun MCU merchandise to buy and didn’t put much thought into it. Even if that’s the case, speculating on the in-universe logistics behind it all is still a great activity.

Ms. Marvel is currently streaming on Disney Plus.


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