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Marvel Deleted Brutal Moon Knight vs. Jackal Fight Scene to Keep Things Family-Friendly

Marvel’s new Disney+ series, Moon Knight, has garnered fans’ criticism and appreciation alike. The series focuses on protagonist Marc Spector, and his alter-ego Steven Grant, as he traverses between continents and realms to battle evil. We find him fighting Egyptian gods and otherwordly threats while also handling the blurring line between reality and fiction. With graphic imagery and marvelous CGI, Moon Knight transports its audience beyond the screens. However, with an increasing audience pool comes diverse demography. And acknowledging the fact that the series may be a family show, the studio deleted a major fight scene before releasing it on Disney+.

Moon Knight
Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight in Marvel Studios’ MOON KNIGHT

Moon Knight v Jackal

The series starts off with a bumbling, British, “I-work-at-the-gift-shop” Steven Grant. With a goldfish as a pet, which distinctly has one missing fin, Steven finds happiness in the little things. Working at the museum and talking to his mother are among those things. And nothing could have rendered a better portrayal of the clueless protagonist. Until his life gets upended by mercenaries, ancient Egyptian relics, and one bloodthirsty jackal.

Moon Knight v Jackal
Moon Knight battles Harrow’s Jackal

The pilot sets up the storyline for Ammit’s followers as Arthur Harrow, played by the excellent Ethan Hawke, takes matters into his hands. He chases Steven right up to his place of work and when he refuses to cooperate, sets his hound/jackal on him. Just as Steven gives in and finally lets Marc take over, the screen cuts to an empty hallway outside the museum restroom as the fight carries on inside.

Gruesome Fight Scene Deleted

It is pretty evident by the time the camera cuts away that the tide of the restroom battle has turned in favor of our protagonist. What appeared until now to be a snarling, vicious, skeletal predator had turned into a mewling, scared prey within seconds. What caused the change? Well, Steven gave control to Marc Spector who summoned the suit and transformed into the Fist of Khonshu.

Fandomwire Video
Harrow's Jackal
Harrow’s Jackal defeated by Moon Knight

A fight against such evil for Moon Knight surely has to be, simply put, EPIC in proportion. However, Marvel apparently preferred to stick to Disney’s family-friendly policy and thus played it safe. And that resulted in a scene that played out entirely in the form of subtext. Disappointing for fans, yes. But like any other geek, a Marvel sleuth has come forth with the cut footage revealing the entire fight in black and white.

Watch the footage here:


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