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Marvel Desperately Needs Kenneth Branagh’s “Shakespearean” Take on Thor 5 After Taika Waititi Leaves Franchise in Ruins

Marvel really needs to jump Thor back on the 'serious' track after Taika Waititi's Love and Thunder disaster.

Marvel Desperately Needs Kenneth Branagh’s “Shakespearean” Take on Thor 5 After Taika Waititi Leaves Franchise in Ruins


  • Marvel is reportedly trying to save the Thor franchise after the disastrous Love and Thunder movie.
  • The franchise needs to bring back Kenneth Branagh's "Shakespearean" themes from the first Thor film for the fifth installment.
  • Marvel needs to find a balance between Chris Hemsworth's superhero being silly and funny while still being aware of his powers.

While Taika Waititi may have given Marvel fans the uttermost satisfaction with Thor: Ragnarok, the same wasn’t the case with the film that came after that in the film series, i.e. Love and Thunder. Not only was this movie more inclined to the goofy and silly side, but it has also seemingly left the franchise in ruins.

Marvel's Thor
Marvel’s Thor

To save the film saga and give fans the movie that could give them the contentment they truly desire from the franchise, Marvel reportedly needs to once again bring about Kenneth Branagh’s “Shakespearean” themes from the first Thor film to the fifth installment of the movie series, all the while keeping the silly approach to the Stormbreaker wielder shown in Ragnarok.

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Marvel Needs To Get Thor Back On The ‘Serious’ Track To Save The Saga

Chris Hemsworth as The Mjollnir Wielder
Chris Hemsworth as The Mjollnir Wielder

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When Marvel first introduced the Mjollnir wielder in Thor back in 2011, it received satisfactory reviews from fans, which led to the making of its sequel: The Dark World. But this second part wasn’t as up to par as the first one, and MCU needed to bring something different and new to the next films in the series to save it.

Thus was the entrance of Taika Waititi with Ragnarok, which fans widely loved and adored, and which also earned the title of being the best film in the series. However, with the next movie, Love and Thunder, Waititi messed up big time, and now Marvel is trying to make every effort to save the Thor franchise.

Among the possible options to do so is to first bring filmmaker Kenneth Branagh back to the franchise and have his Shakespearean approach shown in the first (and incredibly underrated) movie return to the fifth installment of the saga as well–as per a tweet on X by @CanWeGetToast:


Although this sounds easy, Marvel will obviously face a lot of complications while implementing this pitch into action because of the criminally silly tone that Odinson has already jumped into, thanks to Waititi’s disaster which was Love and Thunder.

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Fans Share Their Take On This New Thor 5 Pitch

Thor in the comics
Thor in the comics

Following the tweet with this new and more Norse-theme-inclined Thor pitch for the fifth installment of the film series, Marvel fans have stepped up to share their own takes and what could genuinely make the fifth film a masterpiece like Ragnarok.

Commenting on the post by @CanWeGetToast, here’s what they have to say:

Considering how Love and Thunder had no balance between Chris Hemsworth‘s superhero being silly and funny while still being aware of his powers and wielding them to the best of his ability, the Stormbreaker wielder really needs to go back to being serious once again remembering what he is truly capable of.

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