Marvel Heroes Who Cheated On Their Longtime Partners

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Superheroes and relationships are like oil and water. They are impossible to mix. There’s so much drama and danger. And now we can also add philadry to the mix. These Marvel heroes cheated on their own partners and became the butt of many jokes.


These Marvel heroes are not infallible. It just goes on to prove even the mightiest of heroes have personal character flaws that we can no longer ignore.

Rescue – Cheated On Happy Hogan

Pepper and Happy
Pepper Potts & Happy Hogan

At first glance, pepper Potts seems like the perfect wifey material. She is loyal to a fault and would go to any extent to protect the people she loves. But on closer inspection, you will realize just how flawed a character she is. In the movies, pepper ends up with Tony Stark, having a child together before Endgame.


But in the comics, Pepper ended up with Happy instead of Tony. A tragic revelation breaks their longtime relationship when it’s revealed that Pepper had been cheating on Happy Hogan with an old high school flame. Her reason – she thought Happy was cheating on her too, which was just that, an assumption.

Invisible Woman – Cheated On Mr. Fantastic

Invisible Woman Fantastic Four
Invisible Woman Jessica Alba

Marvel’s First Family – The Fantastic Four, have probably the most stable comic book couple after Superman & Lois Lane. Sue Storm and Reed Richards are perfect for each other. While Reed has remained faithful to their union since eternity, the same couldn’t be said for Sue Storm.

Sue and Reed have entered into a marital spat quite a few times. And almost every time, Invisible Woman runs into the arms of Namor, the Atlantean ruler. Namor clearly has a thing for Sue and the Invisible Woman has no trouble reciprocating to get back at her husband.


Daredevil – Cheated On Milla Donovan

Marvel heroes Daredevil
Matt Murdock

Matt Murdock may be the man without fear. But in the world of relationships, he is also known as the man without emotional intelligence. The guy has a skin as thick as the Thing‘s when it comes to commitment and relationships. Murdock has had some trouble remaining committed to just one person because of his playboy antics.

Milla Donovan, Matt’s erstwhile partner, was also blind just like him. Their similarities kept them together but Matt felt the spark began to fade. When Milla realized matt had been cheating on her, she lost her sanity and was admitted to a mental hospital.

Hawkeye – Cheated On Cherry

Marvel Heroes Hawkeye Clint barton

The MCU shows Clint Barton as a family man. But in the comics, Hawkeye is a longtime philanderer. He has trouble planting roots and settling down so he just keeps having one casual encounter after another with women. He has even had multiple relationships with many fellow Avengers.


After saving a woman named Cherry from the Russian Mafia, he started a fling with her. Hawkeye continued to sleep around even though he was in a relationship with her. Suffice it to say, Cherry was not pleased.

Colossus – Cheated On Kitty Pryde

Colossus X-Men
Colossus in Deadpool

Within X-Men lore, seldom do we come across a relationship as iconic as Colossus and Kitty Pryde’s. Kitty seemed to have fallen for him the moment she saw Colossus. Colossus also returned her feelings and the two became a thing.

And then during the Secret Wars event, Colossus met an alien healer and fell head over heels for her. Somehow he totally forgot about Kitty Pryde while he was in Battleworld. When he returned, Colossus instantly broke up with Kitty, leaving fans shocked.


Thor – Cheated On Jane Foster

marvel heroes Thor Jane Foster
Thor Jane Foster

In his younger days, the Odinson was all about partying and sleeping around. He was young, hot blooded, and had way too much pent up energy to spend. But doing the same after getting into a serious relationship just makes you look like a loser.

After Thor got into a committed relationship with Jane Foster, fans were shocked to know that Thor had actually cheated on Jane Foster quite a few times. Even the fans were surprised when this little genie came out of the bottle.

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