Marvel Rivals Seemingly Takes a Shot at the Nearly Dead Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in Spectacular Fashion

NetEase promises Marvel Rivals won't be like DC's Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

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  • NetEase seemingly targeted Rocksteady Studios' Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in a recent statement.
  • Marvel Rivals takes inspiration from Overwatch and will feature a variety of heroes with unique playstyles.
  • Fans are cautiously optimistic regarding the outcome of the latest superhero multiplayer game.
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Marvel Rivals is coming from NetEase, and the developers have strong words about the ambitious project. Recent video games that focus on superheroes, or antiheroes in the case of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, were underwhelming, and fans hope this game will be better.


The subtle jabs thrown by the developer were clear shots at Rocksteady’s poor attempt at the live-service structure and promised that this game would feature a diverse and fun combat system. Gameplay is an essential feature, and the developers are trying hard to avoid making mistakes.

Marvel Rivals Is a Step up From Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

NetEase promises a diverse and fun combat system for Marvel Rivals.
NetEase promises a diverse and fun combat system for Marvel Rivals.

The gaming community made clear its profound disappointment with Rocksteady Studios’ follow-up to the Batman: Arkham universe by going with the live-service multiplayer approach with generic gameplay, and the massive decline in the player count does not bode well for the future. NetEase promises that it has a clear vision for the project and that each hero will have a unique playstyle.


Although it wasn’t explicitly stated, judging by how the developers phrased their statement, they are throwing shade at DC’s latest game. The gameplay was repetitive, and every playable villain used firearms, even if they were out of character, like King Shark. It is clear that Warner Bros. has no solid plan for its most popular franchises and does not know how to handle them in both films and video games.

While the upcoming Marvel video game is more in line with the competitive aspect of multiplayer gaming, the developers are hard at work to cater to the different fighting styles of the heroes that will be featured in the game. Peni Parker is a superhero from the animated Spider-Verse movies, and the developers could give her a different set of moves and attacks that will stay true to her character and not be a rehash of other Spider-themed heroes.


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Was a Lesson for Marvel Rivals Developers

Rocksteady Studios dropped the ball with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.
Rocksteady Studios dropped the ball with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

It is not fun to see a project with great potential fail to live up to the hype. Many developers have tried and failed repeatedly to adapt the superhero genre into video games, and perhaps this latest fumble could be the last. However, NetEase has a vision for a competitive live-service game, and the gaming community hopes it can deliver on that bold promise.

Despite their popularity, these characters are still susceptible to criticism, just like any other aspect of the gaming industry. The gaming community can be brutally honest in its feedback, but it is usually well-intentioned and intended to help the developers improve their work. As such, game developers need to take this feedback seriously and use it to refine their creations.

Perhaps the failure of Marvel’s Avengers made other developers think twice about their plans and why Insomniac Games canceled Spider-Man: The Great Web. Nevertheless, the game has yet to be released, and only time will tell if this ambitious title will suffer the same fate as Rocksteady’s DC video game.


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