How MCU Can Bring Back the OG Savage Hulk and Redo Its Greatest Hulk Mistake

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Few fan opinions say that Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest character mistake can be changed in She-Hulk to give the phase 4 audience a better version of the green giant. It has that strong potential to undo a big misstep Marvel Studios had made with the Hulk through gamma experiments on Jennifer Walters.


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Marvel comics, She-Hulk
Marvel comics, She-Hulk

The new Disney+ project is put to study the difficulties of the Hulk’s transformations from Bruce Banner into the powerful Avenger. Through Bruce’s experiments with Jennifer Walters, the studio could possibly correct one of the most controversial mistakes by fixing the character of the green hero for the upcoming future projects.


The MCU’s Worst Hulk Decision Can Be Fixed by Phase 4 Solution

Bruce Banner's green giant form, MCU
Bruce Banner’s green giant form in MCU

The Avengers: Infinity War defines that Bruce Banner and the green giant are facing problems cooperating after they are defeated by Thanos. Because of that, he does not come across for the rest of the movie as he combats using the Hulkbuster Iron Man suit. In Avengers Endgame, Bruce Banner now regulates the body in a version known as “Smart Hulk.” He said that he was able to regulate his transformations by operating with gamma radiation.

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However, She-Hulk has the potential to bring back the Savage form which is the original personality that Bruce Banner previously struggles with. As he is testing on his cousin, the MCU is calling attention to gamma radiation for the very first time, giving the potential for a scientific error and a recovery of the Savage form. It’s right that the lack of a traditional form is one of the reasons for criticisms among fans, as some viewers expected the green hero to get a fight with Thanos, just as Thor and Iron Man did.

Jennifer Walters' She-Hulk MCU
Jennifer Walters’ She-Hulk MCU

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By bringing back the Savage green hero, Marvel can open a way to adapt a critically famous comic like World War giant and Immortal form, which cannot work with the Smart form. The old story could even glimpse an #Earth616 version of the Illuminati appear, while an Immortal version adaptation could give rise to the terrifying Demon green giant in the MCU.

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