MCU Star Kathryn Newton’s Canceled 2019 Show Still Hurts Fans to this Day, But Recent Update Reveals It Could Soon Be Back for Season 2

Kathryn Newton's The Society series would seemingly be getting a positive update for its second season.

mcu star kathryn newton


  • Kathryn Newton gained wider prominence for portraying Allie Pressman in The Society.
  • While the show was set to renew for a Season 2, it was canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The show creator Christopher Keyser shared a positive update on its second season.
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MCU star Kathryn Newton has a spectacular acting career spawning across the film and television industry. Among several notable roles, she portrayed the role of Allie Pressman in The Society, a mystery drama series on Netflix. She is one of the key characters who serves as a de facto leader among a group of teenagers who must form a new society after their town’s adult residents disappear.

Kathryn Newton in MCU's Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
Kathryn Newton in MCU’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania | Marvel Studios

Given that the streaming series successfully amassed its fandom, it was renewed for a second season before eventually getting canceled. Now, it seems like it could be back as the series creator Christopher Keyser shares an interesting update. 

Kathryn Newton’s The Society Could Return for a Season 2

As the popularity of binging streaming content increases, several unique concepts found their place in audiences’ hearts. One such show is The Society which premiered in May 2019. Given that the show quickly cemented its place as one of viewers’ favorite Netflix series, it was initially renewed for a second season but was later canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Despite its unjust span, it convinced fans to see more of the show’s arc, which aligns with what the show creator Christopher Keyser wants. In an interview with Variety, he reflected on the possibility of the show’s season 2, stating that his creative partners alongside him were close to releasing a graphic novel featuring the storylines of the new season.

Kathryn Newton in The Society
Kathryn Newton in The Society | Credit: Netflix

Unfortunately, the publisher went out of business before it could be released, leaving the writing team with no option but to explore alternative ways to continue the story.

He shared, 


I have consistent conversations with a bunch of the writers and Marc Webb about how we might bring this back in some way. We don’t have an answer yet, and I wouldn’t count on it, but I don’t do that with every show that gets canceled.

He continued, 

The audience still wants to talk about it. They are still moved by it and want answers to the questions and then new questions are posed. I just don’t know whether the world is going to work in a way that aligns for us, but we’ll keep trying for a while because it’s gotten under my skin as well.

Since the creator is giving his best shot for Kathryn Newton‘s series’ comeback, it surely brings new hope among audiences who kept pursuing it despite its cancellation for another season. Keyser made sure to credit fans for their continuous efforts in keeping the show alive in their hearts. 

The Society Creator Extends Gratitude to Audiences for Asking About Season 2 Updates

Kathryn Newton alongwith her castmates in Netflix's The Society
A still from Netflix’s The Society | Credit: Netflix

Despite its cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show remained a great twisty drama that many couldn’t get over. He reflected on how he was asked about the update on the Netflix series, which remained a fresh memory thanks to its devoted fandom.


In the same interview, Keyser shared, 

There’s also the emotional thing going on with the audience reaching out to us and consistently saying, ‘Tell me what happened. When is it coming back?’ It was particularly poignant for us since we were closer than I think most shows get to being ready to go again.

Keeping his lips sealed, he extended his gratitude to the show’s fans for not letting the show go. 

Thank you for not letting the show go. Things only live for a certain amount of time, and that’s just as long as people remember them. If this gets remembered, there’s not much else that people who make something for an audience can ask for.

The Society follows a group of teenagers who return home from a school trip to find that everyone in their hometown has mysteriously disappeared. Left in an isolated replica of their town without any adults, they take charge on their own, creating their own society with a set of rules. But, the situation soon encapsulates into chaos and mayhem, turning their existence into a survival of the fittest.


It stars a notable cast including the MCU actress, Gideon Adlon, Sean Berdy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Jacques Colimon, Olivia DeJonge, and Rachel Keller among others. 

The Society is streaming on Netflix. 


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