Miles Morales: How Sony’s Into The Spider-Verse Hero Compares To The Comics

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Into The Spider-Verse might just be one of the greatest superhero movies ever made. It has hands down one of the best protagonists of the genre – Miles morales. Before we see Miles Morales back in action again in Across The Spider-Verse, here are a few things the movie changed from the comic books.


No Jacket Or Shorts In The Comic Book Miles Morales Costume

Costume Design Change

One major diversion from the comic books that Sony took was changing the original costume piece for Miles Morales. In the comic books, the costume worn by Miles does not include a jacket or shorts. It is an original body length spandex costume with a mask, just like Peter Parker’s Spider-Man suit. The color palette may be the same but Sony changed the design in the movies. Into The Spider-Verse Miles Morales has a jacket with a hoodie and shorts. Miles did get a costume similar to his Sony movie counterpart but that happened much later.

The Spider That Bit Him Is Actually From Osborn Industries, Not Alchemax

Norman Osborn

In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Miles Morales has a slightly different origin story. Like Peter Parker, Miles too was bit by a mutated spider. But the spider-‘s origin story was changed in the movie. Into The Spider-Verse shows that the spider is a result of experiments done by Alchemax. But in the comics, it was Norman Osborn’s Osborn Industries that injected the OZ compound into a spider. The compound itself is a creation of Osborn Industries. There was no inter-dimensional spider like in the Sony animated film.


The First Supervillain Miles Morales Faced Was The Kangaroo


In the movie, Miles encounters a plethora of villains early on. The Kingpin, the Prowler, Doctor Octopus, Tombstone – all pose a threat. The comic books have a different story to tell. The first villains Miles encounters as Spider-Man are pretty low-grade ones. His first ever villain encounter is with a guy named The Kangaroo. And he is just as lame as he sounds like. Since he lacked experience as a hero, the Kangaroo managed to escape being captured.

Nick Fury Mentored Miles, Not An Alternate Reality Team Of Spider-Men

Ultimate Universe Nick Fury

There were no parallel universe Spider-Men who came to aid and train Miles Morales in his journey into becoming his world’s Spider-Man. But that does not mean he did not have a few helping hands. After his first fight with the Kangaroo went awry, SHIELD bought Miles into the Triskelion under Fury’s orders for interrogation. While there, Electro almost broke out and Miles helped SHIELD capture him again. Nick Fury gave Miles his blessing for his actions and would later give him his iconic suit.

His Father Is An Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. In The Comics

Jefferson Morales

In the movie, Miles father – Jefferson Morales is an upstanding police officer and a protector of the law. The movie did so because that way they do not have to dive into the complicated back story of Miles’ father from the comic books. In the comics, Jefferson Morales works for S.H.I.E.L.D. and reports directly to Nick Fury. He was actually entrusted by Fury to go undercover and infiltrate Kingpin’s criminal organization. That is something the movie failed to explore on the big screens.


He Is Actually Not That Young Compared To His Universe’s Peter Parker

In the Ultimate Marvel universe, the real Spider-Man was far younger compared to the 616 universe Spider-Man. This Spider-Man was still a high-schooler and a teenager. The movie shows Peter Parker as a fully grown adult when Miles morales watches him die. Miles, in the comics, is only slightly younger to Peter Parker of his universe. The movie probably changed that because a kid watching someone almost his age die is kind of a super traumatic experience.


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