Moon Knight Producer Reveals Huge Captain America Connection We Never Noticed

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Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight was an extraordinary project of the MCU that gained immense success because of its interesting elements. Moon Knight gained the audience’s attention through its protagonist which was indeed a complex character because of its multiple personalities. Though playing the character was a challenge, actor Oscar Issac successfully mastered it and enhanced the overall essence of Jeremy Slater’s Moon Knight.

Moon Knight
Moon Knight series by Marvel Studios

Just when the Moon Knight was about to end, rumours of a second season for the series began and fans are already speculating about the future Moon Knight. Although the series offered a rollercoaster ride in every episode, fans are expecting to see more action of both Moon Knight and Mr Knight’s skills and abilities in the future.

Moon Knight’s Connection with Captain America

Moon Knight and Captain America
The Moon Knight connection with Captain America

Moon Knight is known for his expert fighting abilities, weapons expertise, and impressive athletics due to Marc Spector’s background as a CIA operative, Marine, and eventually mercenary. Well, this is the key connection of Moon Knight with Captain America. Both Marvel superheroes are super soldiers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Moon Knight executive producer Grant Curtis in an interview addressed Moon Knight as a “super soldier.” 

He’s got it going on in this series. He’s got a healing factor. He bounces back when he gets shot or stabbed, he heals. He doesn’t heal right away, he’s not immortal. If you get him the right way, he’s gonna go down for good, but thankfully in our show, he got back up. He can glide, he’s stronger than most people, he’s faster. So it’s a little bit like a super soldier, like my pal, the Green Goblin from Spidey 1. Not quite the same thing but… a little stronger, a little faster, heals, glides, kicks ass, takes the name. The usual.”

How Captain America influenced Moon Knight

Moon Knight and Captain America
Captain America influencing Moon Knight

In an interview with Moon Knight writer Beau DeMayo, he addressed the issue of balancing the violence in the Disney+ series Moon Knight. He revealed that Captain America movies were used as a barometer, which displayed their fair share of punching, weapons, and blood.


“It was and it wasn’t. I think if you look at Captain America, especially like Civil War, and Winter Soldier, and as the violence in those movies particularly… you’re sitting in an arena that sits very close to the violence that you see in Moon Knight. It doesn’t go as bone-crunching, or [scenes like] Moon Knight cutting people’s faces off particularly. But it does sit in a place where there are people who are channelling emotional trauma through fists. And I think that gave us a certain degree of comfort to know that we can take Moon Knight to a place where we felt like we were honouring the spirits of the comics.”

Even though Moon Knight‘s future is unconfirmed, Marvel Studios’ newest hero has already made its place in the hearts of the fans and we’re looking forward to his crossover in the MCU.


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