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It’s been days since the Moon Knight season finale aired and we are still dazed and stunned. The final episode of Moon Knight left fans divided but overall, it was a good episode that gave us more than what we had bargained for. The post credits scene in the season finale proves that Marc Spector still works for Khonshu, although it’s his Jake Lockley persona that does the dirty work now. There could be a Season 2 in the cards. And if that happens, we believe Season 2 will see the rise of a familiar season 1 face as the primary antagonist. Randall Spector, Marc’s younger brother, will return. Randall Spector will become Shadow Knight in Season 2 according to this theory.


Who Is Randall Spector – Moon Knight Connection Explained

Young Randall and Marc Spector.
Young Randall and Marc Spector

In the show, Randall Spector is Marc’s younger brother. When Marc and Randall were young, they both venture out for an excursion into a cave. A flash rain fills the cave with water and Randall drowns to death. Marc survives but now his mom blames him for her youngest son’s death. Randall Spector is not seen again in the show. His death is what made his mom abusive towards Marc, which eventually broke Marc’s mind and gave birth to both Steven Grant and Jake Lockley personas.

Randall Spector – Comic Book Origins

Shadow Knight in the comics.
Randall Spector/Shadow Knight in the comics

The comic books have a convoluted origin story for Randall. He is Marc’s younger psychotic brother who hated him for being better at literally everything. Both joined the military and Marc later became a mercenary. Randall Spector would then kill Marc’s girlfriend and have a showdown with his elder brother. Marc kills Randall but the latter survives, having used a man with fake implanted memories as a scapegoat. Randall is later revealed to have joined the Cult of Khonshu. The Egyptian Goddess Nephthys grants him impenetrable skin and superhuman strength. As Shadow Knight, Randall Spector and Marc Spector as Moon Knight have squared off multiple times.


Moon Knight Season 2 Villain – Shadow Knight Is Avatar Of Goddess Nephthys

Shadow Knight - Marvel Comics
Shadow Knight – Marvel Comics

From what we have seen so far, Moon Knight is focusing heavily on Egyptian mythology. So the second season of Moon Knight will also be focusing on the Gods of Heliopolis. And that is where Randall Spector as Shadow Knight comes in. The finale of Moon Knight left the fate of the other Egyptian Gods uncertain. Are there any other Gods with Avatars on earth? Is Khonshu the only Egyptian God operating on the planet now?

Khonshu - Moon Knight
Khonshu – Moon Knight

We know from the show that the Gods can banish other Gods from the Pantheon for grave mistakes. Khonshu was exiled but he most certainly is not the only one. There may be other Egyptian Gods just like Khonshu, wandering the Earth and looking for a host. What if Nephthys is also one of those banished Gods? Those memory trips in Moon Knight have hinted that Khonshu has had his eyes on Marc ever since he was a child. So was Nephthys also observing Randall Spector, waiting for the perfect moment to turn him into her avatar?

Nephthys - Egyptian Goddess
Nephthys – Egyptian Goddess

Considering Princess Nephthys is known as the Egyptian God of the dead, darkness, children and healing, it is very likely that she brought back Randall from the brink of death and nurtured him into becoming her new avatar – Shadow Knight.


Shadow Knight – Powers & Abilities

Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight

The comic books gave Shadow Knight an impenetrable skin and superhuman strength. Randall Spector also had proficiency in espionage and assassination techniques, having worked in the military for a long time. The show may give him those abilities and then some more. Randall is insane in the comic books. Unlike Marc, the younger brother has completely jumped off the ledge. His insanity makes him somewhat unpredictable in battle. Will we see Moon Knight fight his younger brother Randall Spector as Shadow Knight in Moon Knight Season 2?


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